Nick Pereira

17 July 2017 App Feed Center of Light Radio Podcast

How To Create Freedom In Today’s World

Monday, July 17th, 2017 at 6 pm EDT, Keith Anthony Blanchard of Center of Light Radio invites entrepreneur Nick Pereira to explain how we can fuse spiritual development  with business development to create financial freedom for ourselves.


Nick Pereira | How To Create Freedom In Today's World!

Coach Nick has been an entrepreneur for over a decade. As an Author, Trainer & Co-Founder of the Freedompreneurs Club, Nick has helped thousands of entrepreneurs become Freedompreneurs. As an International Lifestyle Coach Nick has become a value asset to businesses and their owners around the world. Nick’s personality gives him a unique ability to motivate, inspire and help implement successful strategies that generate leads, convert more clients and increase profits while maintaining the integrity of his spiritual life. Nick has been mentored and worked with some of the top coaches in the world and is a student of Bhaktimarga Swami inside the Hare Krishna order. Bringing practical ideas and systems to any business he is involved with, Nick fuses spiritual development, business development and accountability into every aspect of his business which allows for higher impact and higher income.

The Freedompreneurs Club

The Freedompreneurs Club
The Freedompreneurs Club is an amazing place where you will meet hundreds of like minded people living incredible lives by understanding the power of the new online economy.

It’s time for you to experience freedom. It’s time for you experienc life. – http://www.freedompreneurs.club/

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