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19 January 2017 App Feed NightVision Radio Podcast

Join the Ghost Hunting Thrill Ride of Man Vs. The Paranormal

Thursday, January 19th, 2017 at 10:30 pm EST, the resolute seeker of truth, René Barnett of NightVision Radio invites America’s premiere ghost hunter and paranormal investigator Patrick H.T. Doyle to share true tales from the dark side. He’ll give us a peek into his exciting and scary world where he confronts creatures and spirits to try and understand the murky world beyond.

Patrick H.T. Doyle is from Syfy’s hit show, “Ghost Mine” and the new wilderness survival series, “Man vs The Paranormal” on The Dark Zone Network. 


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Patrick H.T. Doyle’s experience with the paranormal began with a ghostly encounter as a 7-year-old kid, and his fascination with the supernatural has never ceased. While building his name as a paranormal investigator, Patrick and his frequent collaborator Kristen Luman were selected by an Oregon based mine owner to investigate The Crescent Mine, one of the most haunted locations in the Pacific Northwest. Their research was documented for the hit SyFy Channel series, Ghost Mine, which lasted for two seasons.

For most of his life Patrick has been an avid outdoorsman and has developed a reputation for investigating paranormal activity in some of the country’s most remote and dangerous locations, venturing where other ghost hunters fear to tread. Since Ghost Mine ended, Patrick appeared as one of the hosts of Reelz Channel’s Behind The Screams, and is also an accomplished author and illustrator. Some of his work includes the critically acclaimed Y.A. series Edgar Font’s Hunt For A House To Haunt, the sci-fi adventure Next Rest Stop: Earth, the graphic novel The Ghost of Zombie, the children’s storybook The Lair of Forgotten Bears, and the best selling memoir Ghosts From The Ground Up.

Man Vs. The Paranormal with Patrick H.T. Doyle

Man Vs. The Paranormal Web Series with Patrick H.T. Doyle on TheDarkZone.tv

Man Vs. The Paranormal  with paranormal researcher Patrick H.T. Doyle is an exiting new web series featured on Thedarkzone.tv. The show pushes the envelope on presenting paranormal investigations as they truly are conducted; unfiltered and unscripted.  This web series promises to guide the audience through every step a true ghost hunter goes through when exploring a haunted site. It makes no apologies for portraying the stumbles and roadblocks that are often edited out in sensationalized tv programs. Patrick looks forward to attaching the viewer to his hip as he braces for an intrepid ride into the unknown world of the paranormal.

Ghosts From the Ground Up: Field Notes of a Ghost Miner by Paranormal Investigator Patrick H.T. Doyle

Ghosts From the Ground Up: Field Notes of a Ghost Miner by Paranormal Investigator Patrick H.T. Doyle

During his life Patrick has seen and heard things he can t explain. Finding answers to these mysteries is the driving force in his research of the paranormal. While camped out in the mountains for months, cut off from the distractions of the everyday world, his imagination was allowed to explore new thoughts and ideas.

In the silence of starlit nights he came to the realization that less of his time needed to be spent trying to prove the existence of ghosts. More important was the need to explore the unanswered questions: What are ghosts and how can they do what they do?

This book is a collection of theories aimed at these two questions, personal encounters, tales from the mountain, and his investigation notes taken during a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in an underground haunted by tragedy, greed and death. – amazon.com