Michelle Bulgatz

27 February 2016 App Feed Heidi Hollis - The Outlander Podcast

Heidi Hollis – The Outlander Learns Techniques of Remote Viewing from Butterfly Effect Center Consultant Michelle Bulgatz

Applied Precognition Project | Remote Viewing Litmus Test on Inception Radio Network

Friday, February 26th, 2016 at 9 pm EST, Heidi Hollis – The Outlander reached out to board certified Hypnotherapist Michelle Bulgatz for tips on mastering Remote Viewing techniques tested in the Applied Precognition Project.

MICHELLE BULGATZ, CH has a background in Marketing and is currently working as a Hypnotherapist in Chicago and is certified with the National Guild of Hypnotism, NGH. She is a graduate of both the beginning and advanced clairvoyant training programs through the International School of Clairvoyance, where she learned to integrate her intuitive gifts with her hypnosis skills. Michelle is fully certified in all levels of Controlled Remote Viewing, CRV thru Lori Williams course.  She is also a member of IRVA, International Remote Viewing Association, APP, Applied Precognition Project, as well as  She along with a colleague have research published with the PA, Parapsychology Association…and just won the Warcollier prize for research and is currently working on a Remote Viewing project to be presented in the spring with the International Remote Viewing Association, IRVA as well as working on another ARV project lead by Julia Mossbridge, PhD and the Institute of Noetic Sciences, IONS.

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is a scientifically based learned skill developed by the military and studied at the Stanford Research Institute in California and is used to describe an event, object or location without using the normal senses. By going into a deep meditative state, a  viewer will tune into a “target” using the subconscious to perceive important information that will identify a target.  Remote Viewing has been used to locate missing people and objects, solve crimes, describe and event that happened in the past, identify illnesses, and predict future outcomes.

Past Life Regressions Therapy

Past Life Regression utilizes your own past (life, memories, experiences…etc) to grant you insight towards where you are today in terms of your emotional self and your physical self. in other words, it lets you analyze your past in order to shape your future and improve in areas your conscious was unaware of. Past Life Regression brings forward your strengths and positive experiences, by tapping into a vast, powerful reservoir of positive energy that lies within you dormant in your unconscious. And by bringing this forward, you will acquire everything you need to help combat the negative emotions and experiences, making you even stronger.

Hypnosis Therapy

The truth about changing your life is that it’s absolutely possible, but it’s slow, it’s unglamorous, and it’s all about changing unwanted habits. and old programming. Hypnosis helps you make small reasonable changes to your routine over time instead of big dramatic changes.  

Hypnosis will help you take charge of your body’s, health, and self image/self esteem by freeing yourself from unwanted, unhealthy patterns
and or self sabotage. Hypnotherapy will help you feel, look and be the person you deserve to be.

Listeners tuned in on Friday at 9 pm eastern to hear Heidi and Michelle discuss remote viewing, hypnosis, and past life regression, right here on the Inception Radio Network.