James E. Clarkson

6 January 2016 App Feed California MUFON Radio Podcast

California MUFON Radio Gets the Scoop on Wright Patterson AFB Alien Connection with James Clarkson

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016 at 11 pm EST, the genial prolocutor and voice of California MUFON Radio, Lorien Fenton invite James E. Clarkson to discuss his interview with Roswell UFO Alien witness, June Crain, who claimed to have witnessed alien bodies at Wright Patterson AFB after the allege Roswell UFO crash.


James E. Clarkson | Roswell UFO Alien Witness June Crain's Incredible SecretJames E. Clarkson is the State Director of the Mutual UFO Network in Washington State. He also works closely with two of the most dedicated researchers in this field, Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, and William Puckett, the Director of UFOSNW.

James E. Clarkson’s View on UFO Disinformation

If we follow what we were taught, human history is a very short 5,000 year play, steadily improving until it reached the pinnacle here and now. In this version the Great Pyramid was built in 20 years even though this would have required one stone to be set every couple of couple of minutes 24/7. And we all know that with enough slaves and rollers you can cut and move a 200-ton block of stone. Except that if we couldn’t do it now, how did the “primitive” cultures do it back then, in Egypt, or carve andesite so intricately in Puma Panku, or in vast structures still overgrown with jungle or covered by the ocean off our coasts.

What is the real history of humanity on this small blue planet? Many believe that the study of UFOs may hold some of the answers.

The denial and disinformation needs to be exposed for being what it is, a disservice to the human race. Compared to all of the other lies we are told, how surprising would it be to learn there has been proof for a long time that there is other life in the universe and that we have been contacted by Non-Human Intelligence? We Need to Know. – James Clarkson

Roswell UFO Alien Witness June Crain

June Crain, UFOs and Wright Field, 1942-1952. An Aberdeen, Washington, police detective, James E. Clarkson, interviewed 72-year-old June Crain Caba before her 1998 death about her work at Wright Field, Ohio, where she held a SECRET Q clearance, knew about UFO crashes in New Mexico and retrievals of non-human bodies, and even held in her own hands “spaceship” metal that always returned to its original shape.

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