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25 July 2017 App Feed Podcast The Kevin Cook Show

Everything You Need to Know about the Shroud of Turin

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 at 9 pm EDT, Kevin Cook of The Kevin Cook Show along with co-host Heidi Hollis invites Shroud expert Russ Breault to help us unravel the mystery of the Shroud of Turin by showing us how he meticulously collects and connects material clues to prove its authenticity.


Russ Breault | Everything You Need to Know about the Shroud of Turin

Russ Breault has appeared in numerous nationally televised documentaries airing on History Channel, Discovery Channel and CBS. He hosted and produced 12 episodes of The Shroud Report, a half-hour interview show with the world’s leading experts.

He has participated in nearly every international research symposium since the first Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) conference in 1981. He attended all three recent public exhibitions in Turin, Italy in 1998, 2000 and 2010.

Mr. Breault is the President and founder of the Shroud of Turin Education Project Inc. (STEP) which functions to raise general awareness of the Shroud with a specific focus on colleges and universities by inspiring young people to investigate this fascinating mystery. – https://shroudencounter.com

What is the Shroud of Turin?

What is the Shroud of Turin?

The Shroud of Turin or Turin Shroud (Italian: Sindone di Torino, Sacra Sindone [ˈsaːkra ˈsindone] or Santa Sindone) is a length of linen cloth bearing the image of a man who is alleged to be Jesus of Nazareth. The cloth itself is believed by some to be the burial shroud he was wrapped in when he was buried after crucifixion although three radiocarbon dating tests in 1988 dated a sample of the cloth to the Middle Ages. The shroud is kept in the royal chapel of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in Turin, northern Italy. The Catholic Church has neither formally endorsed nor rejected the shroud, but in 1958 Pope Pius XII approved of the image in association with the devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus. Pope John Paul II called the Shroud “a mirror of the Gospel”.

The origins of the shroud and its images are the subject of intense debate among theologians, historians and researchers. Diverse arguments have been made in scientific and popular publications claiming to prove that the cloth is the authentic burial shroud of Jesus, based on disciplines ranging from chemistry to biology and medical forensics to optical image analysis. In 1988, three radiocarbon dating tests dated a corner piece of the shroud from the Middle Ages, between the years 1260 and 1390, which is consistent with the shroud’s first known exhibition in France in 1357. Articles published from 2000 to 2015 have highlighted concerns about this dating,and aspects of the 1988 test continue to be debated in some circles but meaningful challenges to the dating result have so far been unsuccessful. According to Christopher Ramsey of the Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit in 2011, “there are various hypotheses as to why the dates might not be correct, but none of them stack up.”

The image on the shroud is much clearer in black-and-white negative than in its natural sepia color, and this negative image was first observed in 1898 on the reverse photographic plate of amateur photographer Secondo Pia, who was allowed to photograph it while it was being exhibited. A variety of methods have been proposed for the formation of the image, but the actual method used has not yet been conclusively identified. Despite numerous investigations and tests, the status of the Shroud of Turin remains murky, and the nature of the image and how it was fixed on the cloth remain puzzling. The shroud continues to be both intensely studied and controversial.

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