STAR WARS The Last Jedi Roundtable Discussion!

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STAR WARS The Last Jedi | Intensely Fun Roundtable Discussion!

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 at 11 pm EDT, Paranormal Now’s host Alan B. Smith as he geeks out and takes a fun break from the usual format! The passionately loved topic of the much anticipated film, STAR WARS The Last Jedi, leads a roundtable discussion with friends and masters of the Star Wars universe!

With the intention of avoiding the Greedo/Han confrontation being re-edited, Alan and his guests, Mac Barnes, Camille-Betina Atkinson and Drew Gregory couldn’t help but express their heartfelt and analytical opinions. Moving on, they further the discussion by exploring the many new theories about the fate of Luke Skywalker.

What does the title of The Last Jedi indicate? Is Luke offering a new way to study the Force? Is the light side of the Force too weak on its own to battle the seething dark side – and what does that mean philosophically and metaphysically?


STAR WARS The Last Jedi | Intensely Fun Roundtable Discussion!

Actor, Drew Gregory, bringing the laughs, also seriously believes that there will be some catastrophic change to the typical Star Wars storyline that will astound, shock and possibly even anger many hard core SW fans. To find out more about Drew visit his IG page at: http://instagram.com/thegreatwhitechocolate

Actor, Camille-Betina Atkinson, brings the fun and sass, and shares her heartfelt connection to SW beginning with seeing the original Star Wars as an 18 month year old…and begging her mom to see it again! To find out more about Camille visit: http://camillebatkinson.com/

Actor, Mac Barnes, a.k.a “the Star Wars Encyclopedia”, brings his good vibes and vast knowledge. Having grown up with episodes 1, 2 and 3 plus an unprecedented saturation of all things Star Wars entertains the idea that Rey may in fact be a Skywalker. After stepping away from his extremely popular SW themed IG account, Mac is starting a new IG account at: http://instagram.com/themactor

Alan’s Paranormal Cabin

The Force Is Waiting and It Looks Good

Alan's Paranormal Cabin

I was born after the original Star Wars film was released and just under one year old after The Empire Strikes Back was released. So it wasn’t until I was about 5 years old before I was exposed to Star Wars. But in the 80s Star Wars and George Lucas owned the filmic media attention and saturated my mind. Really though, there were three major cinematic/media influences in my early life in the 80s and that was the Star Wars Trilogy, E.T. The Extraterresrial, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. All of which I watched as much as I could when available on cable TV at the time.

During this period my only access to watching movies outside of going to a movie theater was HBO, which also provided mini behind the scenes documentaries. Until, of course VHS came to our house and I could record all of these specials.

I LOVED watching these behind the scenes short docs and specials! I would watch them over and over again. I remember seeing how the animatronic (non-cgi) characters were brought to life. At the time these special effects were so very believable. And still today many of the same special FX techniques still look real. Without CGI in order to make Michael Jackson morph into a were wolf they revealed how shot by shot they layered his makeup, latex and added in prosthetic face bones so that with each frame playing in real time the illusion of it looks hauntingly believable. Some of the old special FX still feel more real, if not look more real than many CGI generated effects and characters…but certainly not all. The enchantment of these 80s films, especially Star Wars, was still present in the behind-the-scenes documentaries because the actual three dimensional materials were, well…actually real. They existed in the same environment as you and me, sharing the same air, same space – not a simulacrum. This is why I am so grateful that with the new SW films they are integrating classic animatronics and real filming locations with computer graphics.

Thanks to J.J. Abrams setting the new template, The Last Jedi looks to me will hold tightly onto the original mythos – both in story and in use of special effects. It may also break new ground. So I am looking forward to saturating myself with all of the eye appealing and emotive pulsing visuals!

I also have a lot to say on the emotional, psychological and spiritual influences that Star Wars had on me, but I will save that for another post.

Until then…May the Force be with you!

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