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23 February 2017 App Feed NightVision Radio Podcast

8 Laws of Change: How to Be an Agent of Personal and Social Transformation

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 at 10:30 pm EST, the resolute seeker of truth, René Barnett of NightVision Radio invites scholar and author Stephan A. Schwartz to share his unique expertise in consciousness from his latest book “8 Laws of Change.”

René  with have a look at other aspects of his body of research, including remote viewing in archeology which led to, among other tremendous finds, the palace of Cleopatra!


Stephan Schwartz | Learn How to Transform Yourself with 8 Laws of Change

Stephan A. Schwartz is a distinguished consulting faculty member at Saybrook University, a research associate of the Laboratories for Fundamental Research, editor of the daily web publication Schwartzreport.net, and columnist for the peer-reviewed research journal Explore.

The author of 4 books and more than 100 technical papers, he has also written articles for Smithsonian, OMNI, American History, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the Huffington Post. He lives in Langley, Washington.

The 8 Laws of Change: How to Be an Agent of Personal and Social Transformation by Stephan Schwartz

The 8 Laws of Change: How to Be an Agent of Personal and Social Transformation by Stephan SchwartzInspired by his own powerful experiences during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s and other social movements in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, Stephan Schwartz spent 16 years researching successful social transformations, uncovering the science and the patterns behind them all. He found that there are three ways to create social change. The first is the advancement of technology and science.

The second–change compelled by physical power–is almost always coercive and violent and, for those reasons, not long lasting. The third avenue of change he discovered–the most successful and enduring–is one brought about by something so subtle it is often not taken seriously: small individual choices based on integrity and shared intention.

Revealing how the dynamics of change are learnable, Schwartz explains the 8 laws of individual and social behavior that can enable any person or small group–even ordinary people without great wealth, official position, or physical power–to bend the arc of history and create successful lasting transformation. He shares the stories of individuals who have actually changed history, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Benjamin Franklin, Mother Teresa, and Mahatma Gandhi, detailing how they implemented the strategies and tactics of the 8 laws to achieve their success.

The author explores research in the fields of medicine, neuroscience, biology, and quantum physics to reveal the science of how these laws of change work. He explains why compassionate and life-affirming changes have the most enduring impact and shows how each of the 8 laws cultivates a sense of “beingness” in the individual, empowering your integrity and connecting you to something greater than yourself–the key to lasting change on the personal, societal, and global levels. – amazon.com

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