Tim Swartz & Tim Beckley

3 March 2017 App Feed Heidi Hollis - The Outlander Podcast

Exploring the Bizarre World of UFOs, Paranormal, and Cryptozoology

Friday, March 3rd, 2017 at 9 pm EST, the spirited and jocular Heidi Hollis of the Heidi Hollis – The Outlander invites seasoned researchers Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz to enlighten us about bizarre world of UFOs, the paranormal, Fortean phenomena, lost worlds, other dimensions and cryptozoology.


Tim Swartz | Exploring the Bizarre World of UFOs, Paranormal, and Cryptozoology

Tim Swartz is an Emmy-Award winning television producer/videographer and the author of a several books. As a photojournalist, he has traveled extensively and investigated paranormal phenomena and other unusual mysteries from such diverse locations as the Great Pyramid in Egypt to the Great Wall in China.

Most recently Tim has become the Associate Publisher for Mysteries Magazine. In addition he is the writer and editor of the Internet newsletter Conspiracy Journal; a free, weekly e-mail newsletter, considered essential reading by paranormal researchers worldwide.


Tim Beckley | Exploring the Bizarre World of UFOs, Paranormal, and Cryptozoology

Timothy Green Beckley is a UFO & paranormal pioneer. Since an early age his life has more or less revolved around the paranormal. The house he was raised in was thought to be haunted, he underwent out of body experiences at age six, and saw his first of three UFOs when he was ten.

Over the years he has written over 30 books on everything from rock music to the secret MJ12 papers. Today he is the president of Inner Light/Global Communications and editor of the Conspiracy Journal and Bizarre Bazaar.

America’s Top Secret Treaty With Alien Life Forms: Plus The Hidden History Of Our Time by Tim Beckley

America's Top Secret Treaty With Alien Life Forms: Plus The Hidden History Of Our Time by Tim BeckleyIS THE “TREATY” A “FALSE FLAG?” — PART OF A DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN? OR SOME CIA SPONSORED “SMOKE SCREEN?”

They arrived without our knowledge or consent and told our military leaders they came in peace for the benefit of humankind, and would gladly start an exchange program with the people of the planet earth which could lead to a “Golden Age.”

We wholeheartedly believed them and agreed to the “Treaty” almost without any sort of protest.

Then they began to abduct our women! Then They returned for our children! Soon after they began to rape the earth’s resources! And it became apparent they ultimately wanted to control our minds and capture our souls for their selfish reasons, some too horrific to comprehend.

And because they are to embarassed to admit they went along with this Treaty, the U.S. government and the military industrial complex refuses to let the public know what has been going on for nearly half a century, keeping a tight lid on this Treaty and its various”exchange programs” to benefit themselves, and to keep us totally out of the loop and in complete ignorance.

But now there might be a ray of hope upon the horizons thanks to the whistle blower known as Commander X, a military intelligence operative with just the”right connections” to bring the subject to the people finally. This is your opportunity to find out about the”Treaty” and protect yourself and your loved ones from a possible “enemy attack” that could come out of the sky as predicted by Nostradamus, the Book of Revelations, and others.