Tim Wallace-Murphy

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Where are the Families of the Holy Grail Hiding their Secrets?

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 at 10:30 pm EDT, join the resolute seeker of truth, René Barnett invites author Tim Wallace-Murphy to explain how the mysteries of Rex Deus may tell us where the families of the Holy Grail are hiding their secrets.


Tim Wallace-Murphy | Is the Holy Grail Still Being Protected by Rex Deus?

Tim Wallace-Murphy is the author of thirteen published books, has appeared in some eight or nine TV documentaries and has given lectures from Seattle and Long Beach on the West Coast of the USA, in Canada, Great Britain, France, Italy and in Prague. Eleven of his works cover historical aspects of spirituality, including the Knights Templar, the Cathars, Rosslyn Chapel and the Western Esoteric Tradition as well as the Grail genre.The other two, including the most recent are more mainstream, namely ‘What Islam did for Us’ a study of how Islamic scholarship laid the foundations of so many fundamental and valued aspects of European culture and his latest work ‘The Genesis of a Tragedy – A Brief History of the Palestinian People.’ Tim was provoked to write this work as the Palestinian side of this conflict is rarely heard in either Western Europe or the United States and if this ongoing running sore in East West relations is ever to be solved, the pain on both sides needs to be understood.

Rex Deus: The Families of the Grail

Rex Deus: The Families of the GrailDid Jesus found a dynasty that is still with us today? Rex Deus: Families of the Grail describes how Rex Deus, the descendants of the Twenty-Four High Priestly families of the Biblical Temple in Jerusalem went underground throughout Europe and kept their secret teaching alive despite terrible persecution.

It describes how, after careful planning, they created the Order of the Knights Templar and laid the foundations for modern European culture. How their banking skills stimulated the growth of capitalism and banking and shows why they created an atmosphere of tolerance for the Cathars and other heretical groups. Their association with the legends of the Holy Grail and the veneration of the Black Madonna give us an indication of their true belief system.

These families also influenced the Rosicrucians and played a vital, formative role in the foundation of Freemasonry to pass on what they believed were the true teachings of Jesus to the wider world.