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21 March 2018 App Feed Podcast Supernatural Girlz

Diagnosing Diseases with Medical Intuition

Is it possible for a medical intuitive to look inside the human body and determine the cause of disease?

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 at 7:30 pm ET, join Supernatural Girlz host Patricia Baker and co-host PK as they invite psychic medium Tina Zion Is to answer whether it possible for a medical intuitive to look inside the human body and determine the cause of disease.


Tina Zion | Diagnosing Diseases with Medical Intuition

Tina M. Zion is a fourth generation psychic medium, specializing in medical intuition and teaching it internationally. She has worked in the mental health field as a registered nurse with a national board specialty certification in mental health nursing from the American Nurses Credentialing Association. Tina is a Gestalt trained counselor, graduating from the Indianapolis Gestalt Institute in 1997.

She received her certification in clinical hypnotherapy from the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners in 1985 and is also certified through the Michael Newton Institute. Tina is the internationally known author of Become a Medical Intuitive: The Complete Developmental Course, The Reiki Teacher’s Manual and is a contributing author in Michael Newton’s latest book, Memories of the Afterlife.

Tina teaches throughout the US and internationally. She blends all or her professional background and holistic training to provide her students with a profound experience in the intuitive arts and in healing techniques. Her training and years of experience creates a truly holistic understanding of well-being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Become a Medical Intuitive: Complete Developmental Course

Become a Medical Intuitive: Complete Developmental Course by Tina Zion

This book provides a complete training experience to become a medical intuitive. Each chapter advances you, step-by-step, to intensify your psychic abilities and develop your x-ray perception. A medical background is not necessary to excel as a medical intutitive.

You are already intuitive. It is only a matter of noticing all of the information you are receiving in a different way. The medical intuitive’s life is feeling, sensing, knowing, and perceiving on multiple levels with all of your senses.

Become a Medical Intuitive provides you with the following:

• How to physically see like an x-ray machine;
• How to take charge of your energy field;
• How imagination and intuition work together;
• Develop inner sight for the deeper cause of illness;
• See, feel, and sense the entire person on all levels;
• Understand the electromagnetic energy of thought and emotion;
• Receive the pure essence of someone’s life story;
• How to use medical intuition as a healing technique;
• Understand and use the “knowing” you have;
• Inform without diagnosing;
• Identify general areas and organs of the human body;
• Assess auric colors for vibrational accuracy;
• Actual case studies and assessments to learn from.

When you have completed the course contained in this book, you will have truly developed x-ray vision. – Get the Book!

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