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21 December 2017 App Feed NightVision Radio Podcast

Mind Control Tactics Used to Silence UFO Witnesses

Thursday, December 21st, 2017 at 10:30 pm ET, join the resolute seeker of truth, René Barnett of NightVision Radio as she invites British UFO witness and targeted individual, Tony Topping to share details of the harrowing experiences surrounding his contacts.


Tony Topping | Mind Control Tactics Used to Silence UFO Witnesses

Tony Topping’s UFO encounters and paranormal experiences directed him on collision course with secret covert interests who monitored my interactions with UFOs. He is the victim of secretive harassment by unaccountable agents from an unelected secret police in the UK, an element of this bullying came from advanced technology called Control Effects Technology or Mind Control.

UFO Data Collection Tactics used by USA & UK Agencies

The Andes

The US military uses two main terms in compiling and studying the UFO subject: Uncorrelated Targets (UCT), for earth-bound unidentified objects, and Uncorrelated Event Reports (UER) for space related events

From Researchers who ask for pertinent records from the US Air Force about UFOs are provided with a ‘Fact Sheet’ which states that since the closure of Project Blue Book in 1974, the USAF has no interest in, and does not study, the subject. The USAF information pack refers inquirers to various non-governmental UFO research organizations which are closely monitored, and, at times, directed by various US intelligence and military agencies.

The men from the Ministry

In Britain, Air Staff 2 (a), a desk in the Ministry of Defence, manned by junior civil servants such as Nick Pope, J. Palmer, Owen Hartop, Kerry Philpott, and Ralph Noyes, respond to public inquiries. The knowledge of these individuals is limited and their responses consequently sometimes inaccurate. Contrary to claims made by Air Staff 2 (a) that they are privy to all UFO reports, there is a component within the MOD which deals with more serious aspects of this subject. On October 23 1989, in the course of one of my investigations, I contacted this particular MOD section. After the preliminary conversation I was asked if I was prepared to sell my investigation report to them; and later in the course of the conversation, when I suggested sharing information, citing the national security aspects, I was asked if I was prepared to sign a security agreement concerning this issue. I was further asked to prepare a proposal and submit it to them. When I inquired about some landing reports, I was asked to specify the date of the particular cases I had in mind. Although this is a component of the MOD, it is not situated in Whitehall. Neither is it Defence Intelligence 55 (DI55), though sources within DI55 have been helpful in other investigations of mine.

Though several individuals in the UK who have witnessed serious UFO cases have been visited by government officials, the MOD has repeatedly denied the existence of such officials. Sometimes in uniform but mostly in civilian clothes, these officials have approached witnesses asking them not to discuss what they have seen with the public or the media. UFO folklore has termed them the Men in Black (MIB).

The section in charge of such investigations is Aerospace Intelligence within the MOD.

The MOD, and Air Staff 2(a) in particular, have been the chief focus of the search for British information on UFOs. But examination of the MOD’s old files shows the absence of any Royal Navy reports. There is also a component within the Admiralty in charge of UFO cases reported at sea, about which researchers have little knowledge. I have also dealt with this component, though I do not know its name.

How the Department of Defense treats UFOs

Due to its size the US Department of Defence (DoD)does not have a single unit to handle UFO reports. Apart from the many departments known to UFO researchers run from the Pentagon, there is another component about which no public information is available. In the course of studying a serious UFO case from the former Soviet Union, I was advised by the National Reconnaissance Office(NRO) staff in the Pentagon to contact Pentagon House.

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