Melinda Leslie

20 January 2016 App Feed California MUFON Radio Podcast

California MUFON Radio Exposes Covert Military and Intelligence Agency’s Involvement in UFO Abduction Cases with Researcher Melinda Leslie


Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 at 11 pm EST, the genial prolocutor and voice of California MUFON Radio, Lorien Fenton, returns with UFO Contactee and Researcher Melinda Leslie to blow the whistle on government agency’s involvement in UFO abduction cases and their harassment and intimidation of alien abductees.


Melinda Leslie UFO Abduction Cases and Untold U.S. Government Cover-upMelinda Leslie was the Founder, Director, and Producer of the Orange County Coast-to-Coast AM Chat Club lecture series and for nine years she hosted over one hundred monthly speakers. Her speakers included the most prominent names in UFO research, alternative and new approaches to science, hidden human history, and other various related subjects. Melinda was the Associate Producer of both the San Francisco and Los Angeles 1994 and 1995 UFO Expo West conferences. She also assisted in producing and International UFO Congress, and the Mt. Shasta Convergence Conference.

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Tune in to hear the pulse pounding moments in Melinda’s UFO abduction case and her insight on the nefarious black budget programs being conducted by government agencies, right here on the Inception Radio Network.