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UFO Headline News Monday January 2nd, 2017

2 January 2017 Podcast UFO Headline News

UFO Headline News | Daily UFO News Podcast - Powered by Inception Radio NetworkHere is the UFO Headline News for Monday January 2nd, 2017:

  • January-The Bright Planets [earthsky.org]
    • Two of the five bright planets rise to great prominence in January 2017 sky. Venus rules over the evening sky while Jupiter rules the morning. Venus, the brightest planet, blazes in the west first thing at dusk, and reaches its greatest elongation as the “evening star” on January 12.
  • Mar’s Odyssey Probe Awake And Reoriented After Precautionary Pause [upi.com]
    • Pasadena, Calif., Dec. 29 (UPI) — NASA engineers temporarily powered down most of the Mars Odyssey orbiter’s systems earlier this week after an anomaly was detected. After two days in its safe mode, a protective standby status, the probe is operational once again.
  • UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California [ufostalker.com]
    • The last several evenings I’ve been at the golf range; first time I noticed the light is when I hit a high ball–I noticed the light and it felt out of place–and I felt suspicious of it; I noticed the object for the two hours  I was at the range and it didn’t move.
  • UFO Sighting in Bullhead City, Arizona [ufostalker.com]
    • We have been seeing several groups of orbs flying in formation.. they become bright then fade out…there are several groups at a time.
  • UFO Sighting in Grapevine, Texas [ufostalker.com]
    • I was having a drink with a co-worker at the top of the Gaylord Texan parking lot when we suddenly observed something reflecting the sun’s light.
  • UFO Sighting in Heber City, Utah [ufostalker.com]
    • Every night, assuming its a clear night, I step out on my front porch and watch this “dancing star”– I have had multiple witnesses come and view the object with me and they have also confirmed that is moving in strange patterns.
  • UFO Sighting in Redmond, Oregon [ufostalker.com]
    • Myself and three friends were on my back deck on the evening of December 31, 2016; we were smoking cigarettes when we noticed a bright red-orange orb fly from west to east–we at first thought it was a helicopter, but it made no noise.
  • UFO Sighting in Boise, Idaho [ufostalker.com]
    • I went out to watch the fireworks at midnight on New Year’s only to see this bright ball of orange light to the north in the sky– I called out for my family to come take a look and we observed it move west a short distance then back to the east.
  • Black Triangle Sighting in Winston-Salem, North Carolina [ufostalker.com]
    • I was traveling north/northeast when I observed a large black triangle with solid bright-white lights at each corner (one light per corner) I stopped my vehicle, rolled my window down and shut off my car–it made no sound.

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