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UFO Headline News Tuesday January 5th, 2016

6 January 2016 Podcast UFO Headline News

Here is the UFO Headline News for Tuesday January 5th, 2016:

  • An Artistic Time Capsule Prepares to Hitch A Ride To The Moon [npr.org]
    • DNA from a genetically modified goat, a spritz of perfume, sculptures so small you need a microscope to see them.

  • Woman Experiences Recurrent Time Episode [ufosnw.com]
    • The above map shows the route taken by witness. The middle two graphic symbols shows the section of the road where the witness experienced the repeat episode. It was as if she was teleported back to the same location and experienced it again.

  • Black Triangle Sighting in Jacksonville, Florida [ufostalker.com]
    • These sighting all took place from our 4th floor balcony on Riverside Ave overlooking downtown and most of San Marco. At around 10pm EST, we noticed three bright red/orange orbs fly just over San Marco from south to north, following the river.

  • UFO Sighting in Dallas, Texas [ufostalker.com]
    • I was heading to work my mother saw it first I was in the back seat of the car and she told me to look out side that she had seen some lights.

  • UFO Sighting in La Mesa, California [ufostalker.com]
    • We were driving, then in our driveway, watching it, trying to get a picture, but it was too far away.

  • UFO Sighting in Sacramento, California [ufostalker.com]
    • My friend and I exited a building at 12:15 am – we both saw the following: a bright orange orb, at approx. 45 degrees, traveling silently from NW to SE, followed by 3 orange orbs traveling closely together, followed by six individual orbs coming one at a time from the same area in the sky and following the same flight path.

  • UFO Sighting in Woodinville, Washington [ufostalker.com]
    • My wife and I had just returned on a commercial flight following Christmas in Florida with our children and their families.

  • UFO Sighting in Boise, Idaho [ufostalker.com]
    • I was out removing my rear tail light covers to repair them, when I noticed a bright orange orb in the sky to the east.

  • UFO Sighting in Inkster, Michigan [ufostalker.com]
    • December 25, 2015 Christmas Day-Evening Between 22:00 EDT And 23:00 EDT While driving with my 5 year old son and my girlfriend.

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