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UFO Headline News Friday June 9th, 2017

9 June 2017 Podcast UFO Headline News

Here is the UFO Headline News for Friday June 9th, 2017

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Headline #1: 2017’s Smallest Full Moon on June 9th

Synopsis: June 9, 2017 brings the farthest full moon – and hence the smallest full moon – of the year. We’ve heard it called the micro-moon or mini-moon. That bright starlike object near tonight’s moon isn’t a true star; it’s the planet Saturn. This June full moon occurs less than one day after reaching lunar apogee, the moon’s farthest point in its monthly orbit. The near alignment of full moon and lunar apogee team up to give us the farthest and smallest full moon of the year. One fortnight (or approximately two weeks) before this June 9 micro-moon, it was the closest new moon of the year on May 25, 2017. On that date, the new moon paired up quite closely with perigee, the moon’s nearest point in its monthly orbit. And thus we had the closest new moon – and closest supermoon – of 2017.

Headline #2: A ‘Feel-Good Moment for Science’:  Volunteers Spot The Sun’s Newest Neighbor

Synopsis: Citizen scientists have spotted a failed star, known as a brown dwarf, just 100 light-years from the sun. That makes the cold world — somewhere in between star and planet — relatively close to our solar system, at least in the astronomical sense. The volunteers identified the brown dwarf just days after science organizations released a new tool to help engage the public in the hunt for new worlds at the edges of our solar system. Because the tool relies on hunting for dim moving objects, it was able to reveal the brown dwarf beyond the solar system.

Headline #3: NASA’s New Mars Rover Is Completely Insane

Synopsis: Thus far, NASA has landed a total of four rovers on Mars, and while the conversation surrounding sending humans to the red planet is a hot topic, there are no concrete plans to actually make the journey happen. When it does happen, however, the brave folks who make the trip are going to need something to drive on the planet’s surface if they hope to actually do any exploring. With that in mind, NASA has revealed a concept vehicle that has no business being sent to Mars, but the agency is pretty excited about it anyway.

Headline #4: The Surprising Challenge of Bringing Bread To Space

Synopsis: For years, the food astronauts have brought with them into space have fascinated the public. Now, the International Space Station is boldly going to attempt something previously thought inedible in space: bread. Bread is among the most widely eaten foods in the world. Just about every culture on the planet has its own forms, yet eating in space has been seen, up until now, as a colossal mistake. When Gus Grissom and John Young of NASA’s 1965 Gemini 3 mission attempted to eat a contraband corned beef sandwich free-floating crumbs ran amok on board, with scientists terrified that crumbs would get stuck in machinery. Tortillas have been used ever since. Sebastian Marcu, founder of Bake In Space, thinks he’s found a solution. Working with the German Aerospace Centre and a variety food scientists, Bake in Space hopes to create a dough mixture and baking process that produces a crumb-free bread actually baked in space. A loaf that tastes good, or good enough, and doesn’t leave any mess whatsoever

Headline #5: ‘Alleged’ UFO Spotted in Bristol

Synopsis: This bizarre video footage shows what one man believes to be an extra-terrestrial visit from an ‘enormous’ UFO over his street. Mike Westlake, 28, shot the mobile phone footage showing three large, bright lights in the shape of a triangle flashing in the same straight line through the sky. He said the unidentified lights–which remained in the sky for ten minutes–made no noise. “I have got a motorbike so before I go to bed, I check and make sure the gate’s shut” he said. “I pulled back the curtain to have a look and looked down and saw these lights blinking. I saw three lights and they were moving.” Mike added: “I didn’t know exactly what it was, I don’t know if it was anything from outer space. There was no noise with this–it went from left to right and the size was enormous.”

Headline #6: Burst of Light Burns in Sky Above Drivers at Notorious UFO Hotspot

Synopsis: The fireball was said to be so big it was visible in skies above Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia, in the United States.  In the clip filmed on a driver’s dashboard camera, the mysterious sphere lights up the night sky as it rockets past. Two people inside the car simultaneously gasp and say “wow” as the glowing orb emerges. It quickly loses its glow, with the sky descending back into darkness. The bizarre burst of light was thought to be a shooting star but was later determined to be a meteor. It appears bright because it is burning up as it passes through Earth’s atmosphere. This fireball or meteor was reported to the American Meteor Society 28 times. If a fireball or meteor were to reach Earth’s surface, it would be called a meteorite. Small meteors pass through our atmosphere almost every day, but most go undetected.

Headline #7: UFO Sighting in Anderson, South Carolina

Synopsis: Went outside for a moment to enjoy the abnormally cool evening before bed and observed a strange object with four lights, going away from our house to the northeast; I immediately questioned my own observation and called my wife to confirm– my glasses would not work with binoculars so my wife observed the craft as it descended below the neighbors trees–I could only make out those four distinct lights in a narrow “X” pattern, but she described a oval body of some sort that moved very slowly, descending towards the horizon.

Headline #8: UFO Sighting in Parker, Colorado

Synopsis: Moving–three dark objects spotted between approximately Parker and Aurora, perhaps over the Smokey Hill area; over the E-470 by a  person in Parker/Franktown;  every so often these objects would rotate and project a beam of light; they were perhaps 10-15 miles away from the viewer; the objects were spotted and observed for perhaps 10 minutes total–speculation was that the objects were there before viewer first spotted them–these objects initially appeared to be somehow connected as they undulated together in the sky as if they were connected, but later one of the objects broke pattern with the other two and did its own maneuver and then returned to the other two, then the three of them continued maneuvers together; due to the undulating pattern, it is not thought they were just one object such as a dark plane with three lights (since one did separate from the two and then later rejoin).

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