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UFO Headline News Tuesday September 12th, 2017

12 September 2017 Podcast UFO Headline News

Here is the UFO Headline News for Tuesday September 12th, 2017

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Headline #1: Aircraft Carrier Is Rushed to the Hurricane-Battered Keys

Synopsis: Miami (AP) — Authorities sent an aircraft carrier and other Navy ships to help with search-and-rescue operations in Florida on Monday as a flyover of the hurricane-battered Keys yielded what the governor said were scenes of devastation. “I just hope everyone survived,” Gov. Rick Scott said. He said boats were cast ashore, water, sewers and electricity were knocked out, and “I don’t think I saw one trailer park where almost everything wasn’t overturned.” Authorities also struggled to clear the single highway connecting the string of islands to the mainland. The Keys felt Irma’s full fury when the storm blew ashore as a Category 4 hurricane Sunday morning with 130 mph (209 kph) winds. How many people in the dangerously exposed, low-lying islands defied evacuation orders and stayed behind was unclear.

Headline #2: Monster Solar Flare Marks 7th Powerful Sun Storm in 7 Days

Synopsis: The sun fired off yet another powerful solar flare September 10th, its seventh in seven days. The flare, which peaked at 12:06 EDT (1606 GMT), covered North and South America in high-energy light. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) released a statement that warned of strong, high-frequency radio blackouts and navigation-system disruption, potentially lasting up to an hour. Like the six other flares observed since Sept. 4, this one came from a sunspot known as Active Region (AR) 2673 , which is currently turning away from Earth and will soon be out of sight.

Headline #3: The United Nations Wants All Drones Registered in a Global Database

Synopsis: The United Nations’ aviation agency, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), plans to support a single worldwide drone registry. This singular ledger would be easier for law enforcement to sift through than each country’s individual UAV ledger. That might irk US hobbyists, who fought and defeated the FAA in court when it passed a law to force drone owners to sign up for an American registry. The contentious case ended in a decision that classified non-commercial drones as model aircraft, which don’t need to be nationally registered. Whether the US drone community cooperates with ICAO’s registry is another question.

Headline #4: UFOs Accidentally Caught on Film Above Cornwall–Two Dark Shapes Hover in Blue Sky

Synopsis: A Cornish man has accidentally caught on film two suspected UFOs that are leaving experts intrigued. Alan Kingwell, from Liskeard, was not expecting to find two strange flying objects in the sky when he looked at the timelapse video he shot from his garden. The self-employed artist was having dinner outside when he saw how dramatic the sky was and decided to do a timelapse film of the clouds. It is only when the 62-year-old decided to edit the film that he noticed something odd. “It was filmed accidentally and I never saw the objects until I edited the timelapse film,” Alan said. “I immediately tried lots of things to dismiss camera error or any other natural things that may have caused this.”

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Pamplico, South Carolina

Synopsis: I was driving home down Seven Mile Road in Pamplico, around 9:30 pm, when I observed two lights in the sky that appeared out of place; it was clear out and several stars were visible–but these two seemed different; while watching them, they moved and swapped position with one another; their movement was arced and rather quick–faster than a jet or airplane would have appeared at that elevation.

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Saint Albans, West Virginia

Synopsis: We were setting on the porch and watching what we thought were stars–then they started getting brighter and changing colors–then they would appear and disappear and then they started moving across the sky; then more began moving back and forth in an “s”-like straight line; my girlfriend asked if I was scared but I was not–it fascinated me, just seeing something like that for myself–it confirmed what I always thought was true all my life.

Headline #7: UFO Sighting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Synopsis: I was delivering food to a house in South Philadelphia and as I walked back to my truck I looked up and saw something orange in the sky; it looked so strange–never saw anything like it–after looking at it for about 30 seconds it sort of morphed into an orb and moved southwest to northeast…it seemed slow at first, but then moved at a steady pace in a straight line across the sky; this did not appear to be “manmade”–this appeared more  flame or flare-like.

Headline #8: UFO Sighting in Mission, British Columbia, Canada

Synopsis: I was watching the moon through our telescope on September 4th, 2017 at approximately 10 pm–the moon was huge, so almost my entire lens was filled with the light of the (close to?) full moon; I saw something fly across what my visual was, between the telescope and the moon I was focusing on; I actually exclaimed to my husband that “something that looked like a huge bird-that-wasn’t-a-bird–flew across the moon”… later someone in a group I am in on Facebook shared a photo of something she saw fly across the moon September 8th–someone told her to look up the Black Knight Satellite, which out of curiosity I did–and it looks like what I saw...

Headline #9: UFO Sighting in Kempner, Texas

Synopsis: I stepped into my front yard at approximately 9:15 in the evening to let my dogs out for a few minutes; I heard a helicopter coming from a north-westerly trajectory so I looked up to see it–it was flying low–maybe 500 ft.–I don’t know for certain, but I could make out the shape; it had its spotlight on and pointing down–it was then I noticed the star-like white ball of light in a straight line in front of helicopter.

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