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UFO Headline News Wednesday September 13th, 2017

13 September 2017 Podcast UFO Headline News

Here is the UFO Headline News for Wednesday September 13th, 2017

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Headline #1: Irma Death Toll Climbs to Twenty-two In U.S. As Power is Restored to Over Two Million in Florida

Synopsis: The death toll from Hurricane Irma has climbed to 22 in the United States following its path of destruction across the Caribbean and through the Southeast U.S. over the weekend, while power has now been restored to over 2 million customers in Florida. And Monroe County announced Tuesday night that all 42 bridges in the county were inspected and “deemed safe for vehicles.” By late Tuesday, Florida Power & Light Co. had restored power to 2.3 million customers, which was 40 percent of those affected across the state; about 4.4 million customers in Florida are still without power as of Tuesday afternoon. The company said its customers on the state’s east coast should expect most power to be restored by about September 17th, while customers on the state’s west coast should expect most power to be restored by September 22nd.

Headline #2: Cassini Makes ‘Goodbye Kiss’ Flyby of Titan

Synopsis: The Cassini spacecraft at Saturn made a final, distant flyby of the large moon Titan September 11, 2017. Mission engineers have been informally referring to this encounter as the goodbye kiss, because, as it occurs, Titan provides Cassini with a gravitational nudge that sends the spacecraft toward its dramatic ending in Saturn’s upper atmosphere this Friday, September 15. NASA said the Titan flyby went as planned today. The spacecraft made its closest approach to Titan at 19:04 UTC (3:04 p.m. EDT; translate to your time zone), at an altitude of 73,974 miles (119,049 km) above the moon’s surface.

Headline #3: Planet 9 ‘Not Stolen Exoplanet’–So How Did It End Up Lurking at The Edge of The Solar System?

Synopsis: Scientists believe there may be a huge planet sitting at the far reaches of the solar system. Since new evidence of Planet 9’s existence emerged a few years ago, experts have been weighing in on how it might have ended up in its distant orbit. One of the most popular explanations is that it was stolen by the sun in an interstellar takeover 4.5 billion years ago. Now a team of researchers from the U.K. and Switzerland have largely ruled out this hypothesis, with their calculations showing the probability that Planet 9 was captured by the sun in this way is “almost zero.” The idea of a ninth planet existing at the edge of the solar system, far beyond Neptune, was put forward in 2014. Two years later, researchers from the California Institute of Technology discovered that several objects in the Kuiper Belt—a vast shell of icy bodies surrounding the solar system—were traveling along orbital paths that could be explained by the presence of a massive planet.

Headline #4: UFO Sightings During Nuclear Testing in The Pacific: 1952-1954–Project Ivy and Project Castle/Robert Hastings

Synopsis: In his 1956 book, The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, former U.S. Air Force Captain and Project Blue Book Chief Edward J. Ruppelt wrote: “…in November or December [1952] the U.S. was going to test the first H-bomb during ‘Operation Ivy’…Some people in the Pentagon had the idea that there were beings, earthly or otherwise, who might be interested in our activities in the Pacific…Navy and Air Force security forces who went out to the tests were thoroughly briefed to look for UFOs…Nothing that fell into the UFO category was seen during the entire Ivy series of atomic shots.” The Pentagon’s concern undoubtedly resulted from numerous nuclear-related UFO incidents which had occurred during the previous four years, as confirmed by documents which were later declassified via the Freedom of Information Act. Two of those documents pertaining to ongoing sightings at the Los Alamos and Sandia Atomic Laboratories, both located in New Mexico, may be found at www.ufohastings.com/documents.

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