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UFO Headline News Friday October 6th, 2017

6 October 2017 Podcast UFO Headline News

Here is the UFO Headline News for Friday October 6th, 2017

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Headline #1: Watch After Sunrise For A Daytime Moon

Synopsis: The Northern Hemisphere’s full Harvest Moon has passed. The moon is now in a waning gibbous phase, rising in the east later and later each evening. That means you can catch the moon over your western horizon after sunrise this weekend. When is the best time to see the moon in the sky during daylight hours? The answer is that the daytime moon is up there much of the time, but, because it’s pale against the blue sky, it’s not as noticeable as the moon at night. The most noticeable moon at night is a full moon. The recent full moon was on October 5 at 18:40 Universal Time; translate to your time zone. That means the time is now to catch a daytime moon, in the west in the morning.

Headline #2: Casting Light on Mystery Star That Vanished After 14 Days

Synopsis: Nearly six centuries ago, Korean astronomers scanning the night sky for omens of the future spotted a new star in the cluster of stars they called Wei, and what today’s star watchers consider the tail of the Scorpius constellation. Fourteen nights later, it vanished. Astronomers have now identified the source of that brief brightening — a binary star system a couple of thousand light-years away. Michael Shara, an astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, has been seeking to understand what happens following explosions in violent star systems known as “cataclysmic variables.” He has searched for the remnants of this particular event for a long time.

Headline #3: Fifth Greater New England UFO Conference, Leominster, Massachusetts

Synopsis: Leominster — The aliens will be returning to City Hall this weekend and they’re bringing the Loch Ness Monster with them for the city’s annual Greater New England UFO Conference. Drawing from Leominster’s storied history of UFO and Big Foot encounters, the conference serves as a gathering for paranormal enthusiasts and a possible introduction for anyone curious about the unexplainable. Now in its fifth year, event organizer Susan McNeill Spuhler said she’s excited to be continuing the local tradition with returning cryptozoology experts and new guest speakers.

Headline #4: Black Triangle Sighting in Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, Canada

Synopsis: My girlfriend and I first caught sight of the craft while driving down Veteran’s Memorial Highway, leaving Truro headed towards Stewiacke… it was about 9 pm on a relatively cloudless night; from the passenger seat I noticed a bright red light very far in the distance to the right of the highway; I knew there to be some sort of towers in the area with lights on them of similar color, so I didn’t think much of it; 20 minutes later, I saw the same red light, somewhat closer.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Synopsis: My friend and I were standing at the top of the driveway at Keith Drive near 8th Avenue in Vancouver… it was about 3 p.m. approximately, it was a clear sunny day when I noticed a white orb, sauntering into the sky over the mountains to the north coming from the east–it was about the size of a cockpit and moving about the same speed as an aircraft readying to land–and then another orb appeared behind the first one by  about 50 feet.

Headline #6: Black Triangle Sighting in Salem, Oregon

Synopsis: I was walking my dog on the 700 block of Sand Piper St. in Salem  when I heard a propeller engine noise; I looked up but didn’t see an airplane…my attention was then drawn to an object that was passing overhead; it was white in color and appeared to be a solid object…it was traveling slightly faster than an airliner and as I watched I realized the object was triangular-shaped.

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