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UFO Headline News Friday March 16th, 2018

16 March 2018 Podcast UFO Headline News

Here is the UFO Headline News for Friday March 16th, 2018

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Headline #1: UFO Sighting in Aberdeen, Washington on 2018-03-06 21:50:00 – I was on the bluff and this bright red yellow orange ball crashed into the hills

Synopsis: We were coming home from renton wa and at aproximatly 950 955sh on top of the aberdeen bluff i witnessed a bright glowing red light with a orange yellow outside in the sky over south aberdeen and to my suprise it rapidly decended over the back hills of south aberdeen towards westport area into the tree line i think what ever it was crashed.I think it my have been a meteor but it didn’t light the sky up like one and i’ve witnessed meteors before never this color and it was glowing bright red, anyways it really startled me as odd and i lay wake all night thinking about what it may be. p.S. im also attaching a photo of a ufo i caught of my porch in october i’ll file a report on it later.

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Seaford, Virginia on 2017-10-25 00:00:00 – Aircraft flew over me as i was fishing. with in 1/4 mile as flew overhead.

Synopsis: i was fishing in a small creek near my home and first saw a slightly brighter reflection in the water. i looked up and was able to pick out an aircraft (?) flying on a heading of apx 90 degrees. conditions were slightly hazy and i could see the object fairly well. description was of a capitol a. an elongated triangle that shouted to me, a certified faa pilot – supersonic. on the underside on each (wing) were three squares from front to rear. i could not see the aft portion of the aircraft due to the slight haze. in those conditions a photograph would not show details due to light conditions. i judged it to be flying at apx 1,500 feet agl at apx 150 mph, heading 90 degrees. it was a quiet day in our neighborhood, and there was no sound at all from the aircraft. my first thought was, “i have seen my first ufo!” i contacted the tower at patrick henry international airport,va, who referred me to the faa in richmond,va and the pio office at langley afb, va. no one could give me any information on this sighting. one lady i talked to said she had seen an aircraft of this description at langley afb. i suspect it was a drone aircraft, but no one can identify it as such. as it passed over me there was no sound at all. i thought if it flew this close to patrick henry international airfield it would have to have clearance to fly through the airspace. they said it was outside their airspace.

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in Willits, California on 2018-03-06 17:12:00 – I took several photos of the cloud formations. when i looked at the photos on the computer monitor, there was a bright white spot on the photo. i enlarged it to find that it was a glowing oval shaped object at a great distance. only one photo showed it.

Synopsis:I took several photos of the cloud formations. when i looked at the photos on the computer monitor, there was a bright white spot on the photo. i enlarged it to find that it was a glowing oval-shaped object at a great distance. only one photo showed it. i did not see the object when i was photographing, only after i enlarged the photos.

Headline #4: Black Triangle Sighting in Coimbra, Coimbra on 2017-09-20 16:20:00 – While filming the clouds as usual i detected that a black triangular object hovered and moments later disappeared.

Synopsis:While filming the clouds as usual i detected that a black triangular object hovered and moments later disappeared.Was filmed in september 2017.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Lakebay, Washington on 1969-06-30 20:00:00 – Ufo past over my head set hight 1000-1500 feat on clear summer night with army helicopters behind it

Synopsis:It was a summer night about 8pm in1969 or 70. i went to get the mail and looked up at the sky and i saw a set of white lights to the se. as thy passed over my head at about 1000=1500 feet i saw what looked like a us air force t 38 fighter, but it was bigger and had no wings or tail just the shape of the body with 2 lights like headlights. it made no sound at all. it passed straight over my head at a slow speed about 150 mph. it never turned and flew out of me view. then i heard the sound of helicopters. i turned and 3 or 4 army helicopters were fallowing it at about the same hight and speed.

Headline #6: UFO Landing in Louisiana on 2018-02-16 18:43:00 – Ufo landed few feet from me and alien was next to it looking up at me

Synopsis:For the past two months i had been seeing a number of lights moving above my house. at first i thought the lights were drones. i noticed after watching them night after night they didnt move like drones ive ever flown. i got binoculars and a spotting scope and noticed a central white rgb type light in a v patterned small craft. i considered it to most likely be an alien drone or possibly a military drone. possible since im so close to an airport. well i decided one night to go outside and signal the small crafts with a flashlight. ive heard math is the universal language. so i flashed a couple sequences of prime numbers. i told my wife come outside quick. i could see a large ship approaching from a few houses down nearly crazing the tree tops. turning and redirecting itself towards my backyard like it already knew my gps location. i looked is amazement followed by shock and fear. it passed slowly like it was looking for a place to land. backyard too small and too many trees around. but it passed so close i could have thrown a baseball and hit it. it slowly passed my yard and went over neighbors yard and i couldnt see it anymore after. i look up and seen about 10 same type of ships flying fast high in the sky in a sequence. then i notice smoke everywhere. like my neighbors house was burning down. smelled like gun powder. i looked for the source of smoke. it was in a fiend a street over. obviously upwind of me. i believe the ship popped off smoke before it was going to try and land. i reallized i would have had a heart attack if it did land. to describe them. large square bronze looking metal. white lights around sides. circle pattern red flashing lights on bottom. craft looked egyptian from my point of view.My wife says she had a hard time with glare of white lights and couldnt give definite description. the next afternoon were all outside and hundreds of them are in the sky. i could hear the neighbors kids making jokes of an invasion. i saw people looking up down the street. i called my mom and told her. she said i need help. i started to film one as it got dark. my wife and i are sitting in chairs in the middle of our lawn. one is flying over and im recording. the next morning before work i decide to watch video. like usual when i record a ufo the video isnt what was thought to be recorded. to sum it up i recorded a ufo landing a few feet from me and a little alien next to it. looking right at me.Now the repercussion of this lasted 3 or 4 days. dark entities manifested in a bunch of my photos on my phone, my wifes phone. even pictures in other unrelated clouds. needless to say i had to delete alot of pictures. alien photo editors. please explain the physics behind that one.

Headline #7: Black Triangle Sighting in Holbrook, Arizona on 1986-07-07 00:00:00 – Silent black triangular aircraft flew over us in low flight my father said it was stealth but this was 1986.

Synopsis:I was with my dad driving from flagstaff toward gallup. my husband, mother and 4 children were in another car somewhere behind us. unfortunately i can’t ask mom or dad or my husband about this as they have all since passed away. however, at the time of the event, i noticed a huge black triangular aircraft approaching us from the south. i flew very low, as if it were an airplane nearing a runway, but when it passed over us, there was absolutely no sound. i asked dad (a very intelligent well read professional man) and he said it was a new stealth bomber i let it go at that. i don’t remember talking about it to my husband since it was “just an airplane”. after watching an episode of your show which included black triangular craft, i was immediately reminded of my experience so i looked up the stealth bomber and was very much surprised to see that it’s first flight was april 1989, three years later! i am now just confused. was it possible that the stealth flew before april 1989? i am positive about the date as it was my daughter’s 11th birthday.

Headline #8:UFO Sighting in Strafford, Pennsylvania on 2018-03-05 18:10:00 – Silent, bright object that seemingly hovered stationary above my neighborhood.

Synopsis:At approximately 6:10pm on march 5, 2018 i opened my backdoor to let my dogs in. i have a habit of looking up at the sky whenever i go outside. that night i looked up and saw a bright golden, yellow object hovering / floating above my neighborhood, seemingly above my house. it did not make a sound, it did not move in any direction. i stared at it for a few moments then though, i need to get my camera and zoom lens. i have a decent dslr and a 70-300 telephoto lens. i went back in my house and told my daughter as well, she followed me outside to check it out. i hand held the camera and tried to get a good focus on what the object could be, but every time i zoomed closer it just looked like a blob. i will share the photos too. i also took out my smartphone and recorded a video, i still could not get a good focus on the object. shortly after i started recording, my husband came home. i ushered him into the backyard so he could see the object as well. he agreed it was weird and tried to get a good photo too. at that point, to me, it almost looked like it “separated” slightly then went back together again, but it could have just been my eyes playing tricks after staring at it for so long. while i was recording, a commercial plan few by, this helps with the distance and size of what ever it is. after about another 10- 15 mins, the object seemed to ascend slowly, then after a few more minutes, i could no longer see it. it never made a sound. the photos have a lot of noise because i bumped the iso really high. img-0238 is darker due to camera setting as i was trying to get a good shot. the last image img-0252 is very opaque, thats when it stared to go higher; my husband says it because the sun was going down; i’m not sure.


Headline #9: Here Are The Weirdest Things People Ever Discovered At The Bottom Of Deep Bodies Of Water

Synopsis: Given their sometimes-unfathomable depths, large bodies of water are often filled with all sorts of amazing mysteries. After all, once something sinks to the bottom of the ocean, it’s almost impossible to find ever again. Heck, even something as massive as the wreck of the Titanic took decades to locate!

When those mysteries do resurface (sometimes literally), they’re often the most unbelievable finds you could ever dream up. Here are some of the most startling things people have found at the bottom of deep bodies of water. You really won’t believe them…

1. The Millennium Falcon: In 2012, this circular, 200-foot-long object was discovered deep in the Baltic Sea between Finland and Sweden. Nobody knows exactly what it is, but it sure looks a lot like the most iconic spaceship in Star Wars, doesn’t it?

2. A prosthetic leg: It was bad enough when Wisconsin’s Mark Warner lost his prosthetic leg in a lake while canoeing, but it was even worse when a beaver swam away with it! Luckily, two men eventually found it. They received a $50 reward for their efforts.

3. Live bombs: In June 1988, in Lake Washington outside of Seattle, a 100-pound bomb from World War II was found… and it was still live! Nobody’s sure how it got there, but warplanes did used to fly through the skies above.

4. Artifacts from a ghost town: “Ghost town” took on a new meaning when the small town of Bluffton, Texas, was intentionally washed away during the filling of Lake Buchanan. However, in 2011, relics of the town began to surface, including a two-story hotel and several tombstones.


5. A lost public servant: Tom Sublett was a commissioner of Glynn County, Georgia, whose body was found at the bottom of a local lake on December 1, 2012. Despite the bullet hole in his head and the fact that his hands were bound, his mysterious death was ruled a suicide…


Yet no suicide note was ever found from Sublett, and he had no history of drug problems, financial troubles, or any similar issues. An empty holster for a gun was discovered in his car, but there was no actual gun recovered. We may never know what happened.

6. Missing vehicles: Two long-lost cars were finally found at the bottom of Foss Lake in Elk City, Oklahoma, in 2013. The first, which was a 1969 Camaro that originally went missing on November 20, 1970, also contained the bodies of three teenagers who’d gone missing at the same time.

The other was a Chevrolet from the 1950s, with its own trio of deceased teenagers, none of whom were ever identified. Police were unsure of what the connection between these vehicles may have been, although they didn’t suspect that there was any foul play involved.

7. Strange carvings: In 2007, a team of archaeologists from Northwestern Michigan College discovered an object at the bottom of Lake Michigan that has been compared to Stonehenge. There was even a carving of a mastodon, suggesting that this may have been truly ancient!

8. Human skeletons: In 1942, several skeletons were found in surprisingly good condition in a highly elevated lake in the heart of the Himalayas known as Roopkund. They remained a mystery until 2004, when they were traced back to the year 850.

9. A mysterious mound: In 2003, using sonar technology, researchers happened upon this unusual mound in Israel’s Sea of Galilee. Shaped almost like a cone, it was 230 feet long and 32 feet high, and it weighed 60,000 tons. Experts speculated that it may have once held some sort of ceremonial significance, and dated it to somewhere between 2,000 and 12,000 years old. The problem is that it’s so deep that it’s difficult to study.

10. Prehistoric fossil: Lake Labynkyr in Russia’s Sakha Republic made headlines on February 1, 2013, when researchers announced that they found skeletal remains of something that looked like the famed Loch Ness Monster… except it was even older. They never officially released any pictures, however, only adding to the mystery.


11. Nuclear bomb materials: In 1944, at the bottom of Norway’s Lake Tinn, Allied soldiers in a submarine sunk an enemy ferry. The ferry was used by Nazi scientists to secretly transport materials that would’ve helped them build a nuclear bomb. The wreckage was finally discovered in the 1990s.

12. A creepy chair: A Redditor once claimed that he was “exploring the bottom of Pavilion Lake for NASA” when he found this chair, which happened to still be standing upright despite being almost 115 feet underwater. Strange…

13. A statue of Jesus: This 11-foot, 1,800-pound, Italian-marble statue of Jesus Christ at the bottom of Lake Michigan was commissioned in 1956 by an Italian family who wanted to honor their late son. However, on the trip to the United States, the sculpture was damaged, and the family wouldn’t accept it. So, how’d it end up in the lake?

A local diving team bought the statue so it could serve as a memorial to deceased divers. Now it serves as a popular tourist attraction in Lake Michigan, where it can be seen from boats on the surface of the water.

14. An airplane: In September 2013, an entire airplane was found at the bottom of Lake Norman in North Carolina. No one was inside, and there weren’t even any reports of the crash in the area, so nobody knew the plane’s origin until a local woman named Barbara Anderson claimed that it was hers…


Apparently, flight instructors who had been using the plane in 1974 forgot to lock the parking brake properly and it rolled into the lake and sunk. It would have remained submerged were it not for sonar equipment!

15. A spooky doll’s head: “My brother and I found this at the bottom of a lake,” claimed one Reddit user who said he’d been diving for clams at the time. It could’ve just been an old doll or some other toy that deteriorated over time, but some people have commented that it may have a more demonic origin!

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