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UFO Headline News Monday March 12th, 2018

12 March 2018 Podcast UFO Headline News

Here is the UFO Headline News for Monday March 12th, 2018

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Headline #1: UFO Sighting in Markham, Ontario on 2017-12-26 18:00:00 – Object flew over me then to the south. rectangular in shape w/ 4 red lights on the edges.

Synopsis: I was out for a walk when i felt compelled to look directly over head and saw a rectangular shaped object fly directly over head. it was moving slowly to the south and it made no sound. it had 4 red lights on the ends. after a several minutes it slowly flew out of sight. the week before i had the same type of encounter where i felt compelled to look over head and i saw the same object.

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Long Beach, California on 2018-01-24 17:52:00 – I got to work at home and when i got out of the car i saw a light in the sky and i started to record it

Synopsis:I sit the car in front of the house on the street and get off the car, look at the sky and i saw an unusual light and take my face to record for a few minutes and the light disappeared or vanished

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Lab on 1969-07-31 00:00:00 – Just two bright lights (like street lights). distance apart maybe 50 feet. there was a small red light that went from the light at the right to the left light. when it reached the left light it started from the right to left again continuously !!

Synopsis: While driving home one night at maybe 2:00 am through a small community in newfoundland back in 1969 or ’70 i thought i saw a shooting star (meteorite) to my left that disappeared behind some trees. when i rounded a turn in the road i saw two bright lights hovering over the road about 500 or 600 ft ahead of me. i pulled onto the side of the road a couple of hundred feet away from it. my girlfriend and i watched it for maybe a couple of minutes. then it moved slowly to our left until it stopped over a hill. it hovered for a few seconds, then descended behind the hill. a few years ago i took a drive to the other side of the hill and saw that the ocean was there.

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Newfoundland and Lab on 2018-02-27 00:00:00 – Following alongside car, changed form from star like, to four lights in a row, to rods on ground level.

Synopsis :Driving in cab, saw blinking lights like stars, then bigger and different shapes, began filming, caught many different forms, came home and watched the sky and observed pink static, a beam type anomaly, shadows in the sky, along with small blinking lights darting all across the sky.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Loveland, Colorado on 2018-02-24 17:02:00 – A tiny dot until zoomed in

Synopsis: Driving on the highway south to milliken . i was testing my new camera out and taking pictures of the unusual cloud. my husband todd was driving. later the next day we looked at our pics and he noticed the dot . pretty exciting if this is a ufo. it would be my 2nd picture of one. my names laurie brigham..Enclosed are 2 pics i took..The original and one highlighted or circled.. thank you

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Marysville, Washington on 2018-03-01 13:44:00 – I saw a moving glint in the sky and took a picture

Synopsis: I was on my front porch photographing red tail hawks to the north of me. i visually scanned the treetops to possibly find any perched in the trees when i noticed a rapidly moving glint way off in the distance between the treetops and got my dslr to focus on it and took a photograph. by the time i got my camera to refocus, it was nowhere to be seen. probably disappeared behind a cloud. at first i thought it was just another jetliner off in the distance but it left no contrail and it was traveling faster than i was used to seeing such aircraft fly. especially one that far away. i figured i would see what type of aircraft it is after i downloaded the photos i had taken to my desktop. since the photos were taken in raw format i knew i could enhance the photos to bring out more detail and then convert them to jpeg.

Headline #7: UFO Sighting in Agoura Hills, California on 2018-03-01 14:01:00 – Watching a rabbit shaped rain cloud facing south w/ a white cloud next to it.All of the sudden in the eye of the rabbit was a sauser shape & it looked like it was trying to move.Then it took off very fast past the white cloud & vanished in blue

Synopsis: No march 1st 2018 i had just finished working when i looked outside the french doors to the office. they face to the back of the office building. i noticed a dark cloud & it sounds funny but it was in the shape of a rabbit head. next to the rain dark clouded rabbit head was a white puffy cloud & then the blue sky. all of the sudden the eye of the rabbit was almost shaking & suddenly it was moving very fast past the white cloud & when it got to the blue sky it vanished! it was a saucer & it was quick. i found my mouth open & sat down for a minute. i’ve seen a strange shape before but this was moving so fast & it was solid.

Headline #8: Black Triangle Sighting in Dasmariñas, Calabarzon on 2018-03-02 05:25:00 – Triangular flying object at dawn

Synopsis: I was walking along the highway when i noticed something in the sky. there were a couple of dim lights on that flying thing in v-shape. at first, i thought it was just an airplane but airplanes do not have that kind of shape. i also thought it was just birds in formation, but it was still too dark for birds to fly. it flew right above me. it was huge so it seemed like it is flying low. it moved quietly- no sound at all. and when it went passed the trees, it’s gone. i was out of words. i jogged so i could check the sky but it wasn’t there anymore. i was really in shock and i felt weird. itold my boyfriend about it but inwas really disturbed and was so speechless. i just kept on scanning the sky.

Headline #9: UFO Sighting in Southampton, England on 2017-09-20 00:00:00 – Flashing bright lights on the ground an hour before sighting was observing moon when it appeared for a minute then it vanished

Synopsis: In a forest camping, looking at the moon if im truthful i thought it was a black hole, it appeared and was perfectly still it was black in the centre and neon blue around it, i felt off like i was going to be sucked up inside it. i lost sight of it when i turned away for a second.

Headline #10: UFO Sighting in Phelan, California on 2011-02-28 00:00:00 – Red light went in a straight line. stopped then shot upwards

Synopsis: I was visiting family in phelan, california since i was in the military at the time. i remember it was a nice, warm night so i had been walking outside in the backyard. i heard what sounded like a rumbling noise, like a airplane so i looked up into the sky and saw a red light. the light didn’t blink or anything, it was just a red dot. at first i thought it was a airplane just flying along, then it stopped and for about 10 seconds just stayed in that one spot. then all of a sudden it shot upwards into the sky. it made like an l shape. my first thought was that that thing wasn’t an airplane and i immediately thought of a ufo, i freaked out and ran back into the house where i told my sister what i saw.

Headline #11: UFO Sighting in Gardner, Colorado on 2018-03-02 22:09:00 – Bright lights in the sky lit up ground- looked like 4 headlighs in the sky moved miles in a second reappeared in totally different area

Synopsis: Sitting on a friend’s front steps at about 10pm talking when a bright light caught our attention- like headlights coming up over a hill but they were far above the horizon. they were bright enough to light up where we were standing like a searchlight then they faded out slowly 1 at a time. a second or 2 later they reappeared 1 at a time in the same sequence but miles away to the left and further away from us, this happened 2 more times then about 1 minute later it happened again but to the right of us and much further away. each time was accompanied by a very loud, low rumble that would stop abruptly as the last light went out. when we tried to capture it on film the lights went out and we never saw it again.

Headline #12: UFO Sighting in Hedley, British Columbia on 1986-01-31 00:00:00 – Burning orb, stationary, flames coming off

Synopsis: My friend and i were on a youth group ski retreat weekend in hedley, bc. we went outside for a cigarette around 2am, and up above the trees was a burning sphere, about 300 feet in the air. from the ground it looked to be about the size of the moon on a clear night, but its actual size must have been 20-30 feet across. i could see flames burning off it quite clearly. we watched it for about 5-10 minutes, and it did not move at all. we decided to go back inside. it was very obvious in the clear winter sky.

Headline #13: UFO Sighting in DeLand, Florida on 2018-02-28 14:51:00 – I saw a object in the sky, moving like a piece of paper floating around way too higher then the planes, really fast. 30 second later another one came and then they went out of sight.

Synopsis: in the first video, i was standing outside of starling chevrolet/cadillac in deland, fl with 4 others when i spotted one object high in the eastern sky that looked like it was floating or hovering in one spot. this object was higher than any plane so i kept my eye on it. out of nowhere, i saw another object exactly the same size and shape as the first. it was moving extremely fast and at a really high altitude. this is when i pointed it out to my coworkers and began to record a video. in the video, you can see 3 objects. in a east/ southeast view, one object zooms to the left and out of the view of my camera. i recorded two other objects. you can see one object which speeds down the skyline and makes an almost 90 degree angle turn, then speeds its way back up into the sky. also making sudden, quick stops after each turn. pay attention to nine seconds (0:09) in to the video where you can see one of the objects mores really fast and it even appear to teleport from side to side. the object appeared again close to the cloud from 1:08 to 1:15 seconds at the end of the video.

Headline #14: Black Triangle Sighting in Carrollton, Texas on 2014-10-14 21:15:00 – Triangular craft, light orbs, and various events

Synopsis: Though this report is specifically focused on a late 2014 experience, i first spotted a triangle ufo which had a bright light on each corner (and no center light such as people depict of a tr3b craft) in late-fall of 2012 while i was driving back from work at around 9:15 pm (which incidentally i realize was around the time i went out and experienced my second observation.) visually i had observed it for a few minutes beneath clouds illuminated by the lights on the ground, contrasting with the triangular fuselage that seemed to absorb light rather than reflect (much like b2 bomber paint surface,) and at the time i simply acknowledged it for what it was while i was near to entering the house. after i had walked towards the door, i looked up and noticed it was already gone. i put this experience in the back of my mind for about 2 years, when another experience in this same area caused me to randomly check online in the local area (carrollton, tx,) when deciding to look on youtube, i found video(s) recorded months before the 2012 experience and uploaded during the summer, about 2 miles from my house in a wal-mart parking lot in a search of “2012, triangle ufo,” and i also discovered other sightings of what seems to have been ufo flying in formation to appear as a triangle, one specifically titled, ‘ufo’s over carrollton texas 07/15/2012 10:22pm’ that occurred months prior to my own sighting, though was contemporaneous to the initial video i spotted that appeared specifically as a solid craft (though strangely appearing to be of relative size spread out in the sky as the formation.) the walmart parking lot video is no longer online to my knowledge, though i might have saved the youtube video and will try and find it on my hard drive backup, as a reference point if needed. preface: my main experience (though that i can directly relate in mentioning the triangular craft) occurred in late 2014 when i had been in-between a daytime and nighttime job working about 80-88 hours each week (i only state this because i think it should factor into the experience, and though i didn’t drink alcohol, i just happened to begin drinking espresso—and though i have taken my own personal initiative in determine whether sleep deprivation played some role in it—i am convinced it has not, though at that time having also started to use caffeine tablets in addition to coffee which can obviously increase cortisol and anxiety,) and since i hadn’t been preoccupying myself with the usual distractions, had easily managed what i believed at that time to be sufficient sleep in addition to caffeine. as a result of saving up a little extra money i started buying things like tobacco pipes, and a few cigars, and went out in the creek (or rather, a field used for water run-off from the creek, used to help prevent flooding) by my house to look up into the night sky; which was a very bright full moon that lit up the night, and a very clear sky. for some reason i started huddling down along the side of the creek so as not to be seen by cars that were driving down the back alley towards their garages (and i wasn’t comfortable with people seeing me with a tobacco pipe, in the middle of the night of all things; i can imagine police being called out to announce on a loudspeaker, “put the crack pipe down and put your hands in the air!”) during times cars weren’t driving through the alley i took steps back down into the creek bed and simply glanced in one direction into the night sky, and turned around to the other side, and after glancing back to where i was i felt compelled to look back up-over the creek edge and witness a strange looking “craft” (what appeared as some traditional aircraft though wasn’t for some reason i can’t correctly place) simply positioned over the nearby homes, and zip off what seemed to be a slight sound like a very low-key “rocket thrust” as it disappeared. my initial reaction to seeing it was a mix of expletives and shocked amazement, along with incredulity that it was what i think i saw. this proceeded an encounter with the train crossing lights two nights later when i had been playing gun’s and roses ‘night train’ on a cd, and just happened to be approaching a train track as the song was starting. just prior to approaching i can only describe what was going through my mind as expecting something strange to happen; the lights start to blink and the train guard arms go down about half way, only to cancel out and retract back within seconds, though just enough to cause the oncoming cars to slow down a little (and i do believe that numerous train crossing lights will malfunction, and consider this could be interpreted as a possible random coincidence; and yes i do suspect they were malfunctioning around this time in this area for some reason.) several months would still pass following those 1-2 day’s experience prior, and following quitting my day (side-cash) job to kind of “reset” myself back to normal circadian rhythm, i was already set on a quest during the night on my lunch break to drive around the area and try and make sense in determining what seemed out of place, which i would do for several months (partly to relieve stress by driving for 10-20 minutes and up to an hour,) but also because i was curious about the possibility of some of these apparent planes in the sky “not seeming quite right.” driving to a neighboring city i noticed a craft stood out as hovering over some apartments, well away from any airports in the area and a decent few miles from where i noticed it and drove to, and which i stopped near the apartment’s road to turn the vehicle around to follow it as it starts to drift off back the direction i came from, towards the highways. during this time several dips in the roads and tree trees would block visibility of it, and i would only accelerate to keep up with it, noticing the “back” of the craft facing me. this continued on for about 30 more seconds in which the craft may well have assumed i would keep the same pace i was at, only it appeared to “look back” by having what would appear to be the front of the craft, completely rotate in mid air. . . basically what appeared as “headlights” rotated towards me, and perhaps whatever was in control of the object in the sky had done so deliberately, or it realized it goofed and it’s cover had been blown, at which point it disappeared. . . note: this seemed completely unusual to me, though if you consider people claiming to “summoning” crafts to be recorded in video, some of them appear to mimic hearts or other strange shapes in the sky; and i suspect movies like transformers could be hinting at the reality, that a robot/a.I. from some advanced civilization could be eavesdropping on humanity, appearing to mirror the human consciousness to some extent, and play off humanities perceptions of terrestrial craft? perhaps if an advanced intelligence behind some program like the phenomenon were to let it be known in some ways to people that they might test in   …

Headline #15: UFO Sighting in Salt Lake City, Utah on 2018-03-06 00:00:00 – Bright white extremely high and fast moving cylinder shape that disappeared when i wasn’t looking.

Synopsis: I was driving north along 1300 w and approaching 4100 s in salt lake county when i saw a white cylinder or cigar-shaped object extremely high off the ground. when i was stopped at the stoplight facing northbound at the aforementioned intersection the object was directly behind the telephone wires that crossed the street. the object caught my eye because of how white and quickly it appeared to be moving. after the light turned green and as i proceeded through the intersection i looked away from the object and when i looked back it was no longer there. there were no clouds in the sky and it was an exceptionally clear morning. i could not spot the object anywhere. i do not know if it flew away, or disappeared or something else.

Headline #16: UFO Sighting in Staten island, New York on 2018-03-06 00:00:00 – a shiny object in the sky that reflected light and outdated and remained stationary for 15 minutes before disapr

Synopsis: On staten island walking my dog when i noticed something shining in the sky, i thought it was just a mylar ball on but as i kept looking at it i noticed that it was stationary and pulsated. i tried to get home observe it with binoculars but it just disappeared. the event lasted for 15 minutes over staten island on a cloudless sunny day .

Headline #17: UFO Sighting in Muscat, Muscat Governorate on 2018-02-20 19:14:00 – We just took a photo and it was back in the photo we didn’t see it with our eyes

Synopsis: Me and my friends were at oman to do camping and walking. it was our first day and gor the first time we were going to the campsite. i pointed the torch on my fice and my friends said i looked scary and took a picture right after we realised it at the back. we were all really shocked none of us actually saw it but it was in the photo and the lights should have been bright because there were a lot of stars behind us and none of them were there in the photo.

Headline #18: UFO Sighting in Coimbra, Coimbra on 2018-03-05 08:30:00 – During the video recording for time lapse i noticed that something crossed the sky coming from south to north

Synopsis: During the video recording for time lapse i noticed that something crossed the sky coming from south to north-it has a u shape.I cut part of the video for submission.

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