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UFO Headline News Saturday/Sunday March 10th & 11th, 2018

11 March 2018 Podcast UFO Headline News

Here is the UFO Headline News for Saturday/Sunday March 10th & 11th, 2018

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Headline #1: UFO Sighting in Almo, Kentucky on 2015-11-12 17:00:00 – Abduction

Synopsis: I reported this right after it happened. someone from mufon took down my report and contacted me. i understand if this happens again. i’ve been visited again. this time, taken. i was also taken in this 2015 incident and that’s just now come to light in my mind. every time they take me and try to make me forget what happened, something from a previous contact will surface, like my subconscious cant hold all the information in it’s hard drive so it moves it to the desktop “my conscious memory” where i can view it again. in november of 2015 i witnessed a craft, a huge blinding craft. it was so bright it lit up my surroundings like it was the middle of the day. i could see the sun, separate from this object, on the horizon as it was setting. last time i reported this, i only remembered it appearing as i stepped into my suburban to go to a rehearsal for a musical i was in. i stood on the running board and observed it as it came brightly into sight and i was bewildered as to why the people across the street seemed to not notice. i remember why they didn’t respond to it. they weren’t even moving. they were frozen in place. i saw these two short beings, 4 ft tall (which may be generous) and a tall being (maybe 6 ft., not much taller than myself). they came walking from a grassy area. i don’t remember what happened or how i was aboard the craft, but the next thing in my memory is being aboard the craft. the beings examined things i had on me at the time. my keys and the door lock remote, my phone, and my wallet. they were very curious about these items. the only tests that have been done on me is brain scans. they sit me in a plastic like chair attached directly to the floor, but on a raised area of floor and put an apparatus on my head. it’s white, has no lights and no wires. has metal contacts on the inside that remind me of the ones on exercise equipment that keep track of your pulse, but these do way more. they study the scan and give me an injection in the lymph node area on the right side of my neck. the beings, theyre kind of blue-ish. very loving and warm. they pity us, it seems. the next thing i remember is standing back on the side of the truck where i was before. having not remembered what happened at the time and thinking i’m still just looking at this thing in the sky, i sit down and start the truck and drive off. it’s still there at this point, it’s not as bright, but clearly following me for a bit before disappearing. email is the best way to contact me for now

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Woodview, Ontario on 2016-09-30 20:40:00 – Very bright light moving soundlessly from south to north, brighter than plane light/star

Synopsis: Walked dog, then put dog in house and decided to look at stars as clear night. i hear a light aircraft, we have a few in this area as it is lake country (floating planes). i look up to south and see a very bright light. not a lantern moving in the wind, not a light aircraft as no red or green accompanying lights. no sound comes from this light. appears brighter than a plane light and brighter than all stars in the sky. is a constant bright light. it moves at approximately the same speed as a light aircraft. i judge this by the actual aircraft which comes from the opposite direction, in the same direction as this light. the light appears to be approximately the same height as the plane. they pass what appears to be fairly close by each other but i cannot be sure of altitudes. the light takes approximately 20-40 seconds to cross the sky from treetop height in south to same in north/north west. the plane continues on to the south. light then suddenly looks as though it goes straight up, over a second or two it fades from white to red and is gone. it looked bright white from all directions. i immediately check weather – no moon, waning crescent with 0% luminosity. no cloud cover in view. no wind at ground or tree top level. temperature is 14-16 deg c. circumstances – i was watching ‘star wars’ on tv. i had 2 tins of beer. not tired and i do not take drugs, illegal or prescription. as an aside, in the november 2016 issue of local paper/magazine there is a report of a ufo a gentlemen saw. he saw this in the morning, what looked like a silver triangular object going no faster than a normal plane which ‘separated’ after ‘a puff of smoke’ then disappeared. no date is given. seen through binoculars.

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in Punta Cana, La Altagracia Province on 2018-02-12 00:00:00 – while i was lying in the sun by a swimming pool i looked up and noticed this object in the clear sky so i took photos and video

Synopsis: I was at a resort in punta cana just starting my vacation lying in the sun by a swimming pool and looked up at a perfectly clear sky and noticed an object that was moving across the sky, i thought it was an airplane because of how high up it was, the object stopped and hovered for at least an hour before i lost interest in the object so i took some video and pictures.

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Lytham Saint Anne’s , England on 2008-05-10 00:00:00 – Black rectangle huge craft

Synopsis: I was waiting for my freind just before 1am on the corner of st albans road and saint david’s road lytham saint anne’s uk. it was silent with no one around , no wind etc. i had no interest or real concept of ufos at the time. never given them a real thought and at the time i certainly was not. i heard and saw nothing but had a 6th sense instinctual feeling all of a sudden to look up. when i did i saw a giant black rectangle craft gently drifting to a stop directly above me with me at the centre. it was moving into position 2mph and was so big the only way i conceived it was moving is because itv entered above me. then it stopped. i was mouth agape totally amazed at what i was seeing and how it could just sit there suspended. it was at least a football pitch in size more likely 3 football pitches. it’s black blended in with the sky perfectly but on approach i could see it’s thin size in comparison to the base. the sides had no windows or lights just uniform black. the base had 1 white light in each corner of an otherwise massive black rectangle. it blocked all stars from view and as i watched amazed and entranced sporadic lights started to appear on its base. more and more appeared and some dominant round ones appeared sporadically around the edge of the base. a huge red light appeared in the centre with a white light around it. it to this day reminds me of the japan 🇯🇵 flag. the sporadic circular lights around the edge of the base became uniform gradually and went around it anti clockwise in succession and were green red orange yellow blue and purple. the more i stared at it the more it was coming to life as if it was gearing up to something like how a jellyfish attracts prey in the dark. this took about 3-4 minutes when i suddenly came back to my surroundings and realised i was in a position of potential danger. i backed away from the massive craft backwards keeping my eyes on it the whole time and my thought as i left to intercept my freind was “wow i left before it did”. my last sight of it it remained in its place so iv no idea how long it stayed for. years later i was telling my wife about it and i casually googled large black rectangle craft on google images not expecting anything but wishing there was so i could show my wife i was amazed to see many images and photos of exactly what i saw. i knew i wasn’t crazy etc but to have the images and people’s accounts of the same craft was great. i believe it was alien or inter dimensional and that it they were very aware of me. i was too amazed to have any fear until i came to my senses 4 minutes later and backed away as it’s intensity of activation on the base became very intense. i would tell this story to god himself because it is the truth. thank you for taking my report.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Mayagüez, Mayagüez on 2018-02-09 04:45:00 – Bright light that appears to be “dancing” left very fast, no sound

Synopsis: On february 9, 2018 approximately 4:30 am the electricity went off at my house in mayaguez. five minutes later i decided to turn on the electric generator, because my room was getting warm. i went outside to the backyard to turn on the generator, when all of a sudden i look up in the sky and see this beautiful bright light. first, i thought it was venus, but all of a sudden, this light begins to dance. i was hypnotized by the beautiful spectacle. then i remembered that i had my iphone with me (using it as a flashlight, of course), i only got the last 16 seconds of the light. i forgot that i could zoom the video… but anyway i captured on video. looks like a tiny speck of light, but clearly you see the movement, the lights changing and when it literally disappears in front of my eyes. this thing changed directions, hovered, and stopped and all of a sudden just took off very fast. if you see the short video the only sound you can listen its my neighbors electric generator (he has it automatic)

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Fremont, California on 1996-06-06 20:00:00 – Dumbell. 2 “bucky ball” gold reflective ends, cylindrical fuselage flat black in color. silent.

Synopsis: I was swimming in a pool doing a back stroke. i noticed the object in the distance approaching quickly from the sw descending towards the pool. i thought it was a hawk. it approached quiet quickly, silent, it descended to a low altitude (50 ft) slowed quickly to a slow hover. it traveled right over me, i stood up from my stroke in awe unable to speak and alert two others making out in the shallow end of the pool. my eyes did not leave the object, i was frozen in awe. the object was dumbbell shaped with gold “bucky ball” ends. the fuselage was flat black and barely reflected the pools lights off its body. the gold ends were quite reflective looking but dd not reflect the pools lights. it passed over me slowly the when it reached the end of the pool area after it passed over me it accelerated quickly upwards out of sight. the only sound i heard when closest to me was a whoosh of the wind it was breaking. i( left the area immediately after this event and never got the words out to the other people in the pool. they were oblivious to the event. i made a report to marv taylor my mufon rep in my area. i understand he passed and i never got a copy of my report

Headline #7: UFO Sighting in Dryden, Ontario on 2018-03-01 00:00:00 – I wasn’t there

Synopsis: The person would like to know what he captured in the sky at 2:30pm. i’m sorry if it the picture turns out to be a meteor, solar flare or a satellite changing orbit. but when you’re an average person, you dont understand the phenomena that happened in the afternoon sky that day.

Headline #8: UFO Sighting in Leavenworth, Indiana on 2017-09-07 20:05:00 – Object hovered in north sky at 1500 or so,turned afterburner look to it, slowly went west then hovered, turned very bright then disappeared.

Synopsis: Walked out front door,then looked to the night sky and saw an object hovering to the north (my right), it might have been at about 1500-2000 feet. my son is a commercial pilot so i watch the sky and he flew over a lot time building so he tells me altitude etc a lot. i first assumed it was a plane from the military or ups which both fly over fairly frequently but it hovered for a minute or two, the bottom turned into a flaming look like afterburners had been turned on. it proceeded around to where it was west of me although it didn’t seem to get a lot further from me. it stopped, hovered again,turned a dull red look, then brightened dramatically like a 1/3 sized moon in size and slightly more intense. then it shrank into a dot and disappeared very quickly. the whole thing only took 1 minute according to my pictures but it seemed much longer and may have been somewhat longer because it may have taken me a little time to take pictures. it was very strange. i don’t mean to muddy the waters but i had another strange (though identifiable) sighting in 2002. i live at least 25 miles from the nearest airport and one day in the spring of 2002 my son was at baseball practice and a medium to large airliner flew over at about 500 foot behind the ballfield. i yelled to the coach and another parent who also saw it. it was close enough that i saw people outlined in the windows. it actually appeared to be no more than 2-300 feet up. we were sure that it was crashing. later a guy i went to school with said it nearly hit a light pole in his yard. this was soon after 9-11. i actually have 1 last sighting that is slightly less exciting but i’ll spare you the details for now. to wrap this up, this last sighting was somewhat profound and was worth taking the time to report.

Headline #9: UFO Landing in Lafayette, Louisiana on 2018-03-01 19:11:00 – Craft was hovering above neighbors house then redirected to me

Synopsis: I was inside cleaning dishes when i heard a boom sound. i went outside and i saw a craft hovering weirdly over my neighbors house a street down. i ran inside and grabbed a cellphone and called for my wife and kids to come outside quickly. i started filming craft as i noticed it was headed somewhat in my direction. after a few seconds the craft began to change directions and lowing altitude. headed straight for us. and it sped up quickly towards us. i started to panic and told the kids and wife get inside fast. it seemed to approach aggressively. my son started crying and we all turned towards the back door. the craft seemed to noticed that we panicked. it stopped and went around the side of the house and then it was gone. i hurried and sent my mother and sister the video. about ten minutes later i watched the video. the video was different and seemed to change every time i watched it. what i saw on the video was the craft landing in my yard. there seems to be frames where we are very silent when i know we not. then i see the craft flying all around inches from me. after a while you see the craft fly away from us. later i began to look at other photos on my phone. many of my pictures seemed manipulated.

Headline #10: Alien Encounter in Toronto, Ontario on 2017-07-07 14:00:00 – Saw a 5 ft. tall white skinned black haired “grey” female being.

Synopsis: I was leaving the local movie theater after seeing the last spider-man movie. out of the corner of my eye i saw a small figure standing on the other side of the old food court looking at people walking around. no one seemed to see the figure but me. i kept walking towards the exit were i had parked my car. the small figure looked like the female being i saw in the flash back from the 90’s. but she had very neatly combed shoulder length black hair. she was starting to walk behind a group of people. i said in my head “you look good.” the female beings head shook fast then she came running from behind the people in front of her around to stand less then 5 feet away from me. she was not grey skinned or had the black large eyes that every one describes about the aliens. but she had shoulder length black hair parted on her right. her skin was pure white like milky or egg white. her eyes where clear white with a small black pupal that was quickly darting back and forth as she was looking me over from my feet up to my head. she was wearing a single piece black jump suit. but around her waist she had a very shiny metallic silver or platinum cloth that dipped at her stomach forming a v shape. i also noticed she had a rounding of her hips and with the neat appearance of her hair i felt that was important. before she was able to look into my eyes i looked away and turned around and went back to my car. it bothers me that i didn’t try to communicate with her more. or at least take a picture or video with my cell phone. the whole encounter lasted less then 15 seconds.

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