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UFO Headline News Saturday & Sunday March 17th & 18th, 2018

17 March 2018 Podcast UFO Headline News

Here is the UFO Headline News for Saturday & Sunday March 17th & 18th, 2018

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Headline #1: UFO Sighting in Liverpool, England on 1978-04-14 23:15:00 – Life changeing

Synopsis:I’ve waited 40 years to reveal this sighting because i thought people would think i was nuts. this event happened the week before two police officers chased a ufo down the m53 motorway on the wirral, merseyside. at this particular time i was working at lucas girling in bromborough. i was a cnc machinist. we made braking systems for the french sncf high speed train amongst others. that afternoon i was working a 3pm to 11pm shift. i finished work at 11pm and left the factory at approx 11:15pm. i was giving a colleague of mine a lift home because he lived in the same street as me. i was driving down allport road, bromborough at approx 11:20pm. it was a dark night but cloud free, i could see the stars in the sky but as we travelled down allport road i noticed that there seemed to be a huge blackness in the sky blocking out surrounding stars. i stopped the car and both my colleague and i got out to observe this. basically it was a huge black disc blocking out the starlight but the edge of the disc was edged with lights. it wasn’t a plane coming into land at liverpool airport because this thing was almost stationary but it just seemed to be creeping along. i felt the hair rise on the back of my neck. rod and i jumped back in my car and sped off home asap. we both knew what we had seen but i think it was also a case of denial. who would believe us. people would think we are a pair of idiots. we didn’t even discuss it between ourselves. but as the years have passed i firmly believe we are not alone. i think we are being observed, studied. worst case scenario is that in the scheme of things we could be like a small amount of bacteria in a petri dish.

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Seef, Capital Governorate on 2018-03-04 00:00:00 – A flying object appeared in the sky, flying like an airplane. it then hovered, moved horizontally left, hoverered again, then moved horizontally right out of sight.

Synopsis:My family was enjoying an evening dessert run at a coffee shop overlooking the city. a flying object slowly appeared in the sky over the city. initially, i thought it was an airplane, but noticed the object was not flashing like a commercial airplane. all of a sudden, the object, which had been emitting a blue color, turned green. the object hovered in place, then moved horizontally left, hovered again, then moved horizontally right out of sight past the palm trees. i’m honestly not sure if this was a drone or something from out of this world.

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in Westminster, England on 2018-01-16 20:27:00 – At about 20/30 hrs i was looking out of my window because people were shouting from opposite side of street. looking around could not see any one at first then looked ay opposite roof it was then i obsereved the flahing lights in a clear cloudless sky , i

Synopsis:I am 57 years old. pn the evening of the 16 january 2018 i heard people shouting, i looked out of my window but saw no one. i then looked up at the buildings roof saw no one, but at the same time i observed multi coloured flashing lights high in the sky. i would say at between 60 to 80,000ft, i had a clear and unobstructed view of these lights that i observed for a prolonged period of time. i then got my small canon ixus hd camera and videoed with some difficulty the said lights,. it was hard to film due to focus and camera shake. i have worked in the security industry as a loss prevention investigator over the last 25 years, i have this on video plus another sighting i shot on november last year 2017, i am more than willing to share my camera the card and also have it inspected by an investigator should you wish them to look at them. what i saw on both of those nights has left me in no doubt what so ever that it was not an air craft , helicopter, gas, weather balloon, exploding star ! i am more than willing to undergo a lie detection test and as stated have my camera and digital card taken away for examination,

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Menasha, Wisconsin on 2018-03-03 20:00:00 – Oval-shaped object with clear belt of flashing lights/windows. very slow – not a plane, helicopter or drone.

Synopsis:At 8:00 pm on march 3, 2018 i went out to my back deck – a few clouds but clear enough i could see the constellations. i saw what i though was an airplane high in the ne part of the sky. i didn’t pay it much mind, but then realized it was moving very slowly. was it a helicopter that was hovering? i moved so that i would see it better. no, not a helicopter (nor a drone) – it was an oval-shaped object with a distinct band around its middle of square-shaped lights that flickered/turned on and off/flashed – mostly in the red and white spectrum. i watched it continue slowly towards the ne until it got out of sight. it was far away – i was in menasha and this object appeared to be in the sky a bit past appleton.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Baltimore, Maryland on 2017-10-24 18:28:00 – Three white lights in a right angle triangle next to tv hill that fade

Synopsis:While driving to the park with my cousin to take my dog for a walk, i noticed 3 lights in a triangle pattern to the right of the tv hill towers. i started recorded, we had to go around a couple blocks as there was traffic and road work at the time and no where to pull over. the video i am attaching shows the lights to the right of the tv towers. the topic most light quickly fads out while the other 2 remain and then start to fad out. at this time i can not get a hold of my cousin to make a report.

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Cartersville, Georgia on 2015-05-31 00:00:00 – 3 large orbs in vertical triangular pattern simultaneously flying super fast then instantly disappears

Synopsis:I was riding on the back of our moped, my boyfriend at the time was driving. we were nearing our house which was located near a place that sold livestock and also near a place that held horse events like rodeos maybe? very few street lamps in the area. i was looking off to my left and three absolutely massive yellowish orange circles appeared in the sky. i thought i could have touched them had i climbed a tree. they were in a triangle but not connected by anything. one on top and two side by side below it. they seemed to be separated by only yards, they were so close together and moving at exactly the same speed. they were so fast and so low to the ground i was in awe, i wasn’t scared i was extremely curious i didn’t want to stop looking. captivated would be a very good word. we turned the corner into our neighborhood and at that time a few very tall pine trees obstructed my view for only a second but i caught myself leaning forward trying to set my eyes on this thing whatever it was. but the second it took to take that turn, the giant circles were gone. it was like they never existed to begin with. my eyes were searching and searching i was so confused i felt anxiety and my heart began to race. i tried to imagine what it could have been to make sense of it and the most sensible thing i could fathom was that a space shuttle just flew by and i only saw the tail end of it. but that didn’t make any sense at all, there were no flames or trails. i can’t make sense of what i saw but i know i will never forget it.

Headline #7: UFO Sighting in Powdersville, South Carolina on 2018-03-04 00:00:00 – Looked like a meteor with bright green light trail behind it

Synopsis:I was driving on the way home from wal-mart when i noticed a meteor like object in the sky and that’s what i thought it was but i’ve seen it before. it was just an object maybe a little larger than a basketball..At first it just looked like a shooting star until i saw green streaks trailing behind it before it broke into 2-3 pieces and disappeared into the tree line. my initial reaction was “oh a shooting star” until i saw the green and then i thought about another time in the past where i saw the same thing on highway 123 a couple months back…I just pointed and told my gf “look!”. i lost sight of the object as the green trail went back to gold..Then it split into 2 or 3 fragments before hitting tree line.(couldn’t see the ground)

Headline #8:UFO Sighting in Buffalo, New York on 2018-03-03 00:00:00 – Felt a powerful energy, saw a light, witnessed it move south over a second stationary light.

Synopsis:I had just settled in, alone at home, when i had the urge to do a quick sweep. i got up, went into my kitchen and immediately was overcome by a powerful, inexplicable energy in the room. i remember saying out loud, “something feels magical here”, in such a way as to mean that maybe the air was particularly crisp or something, so i pulled the curtain back and went to take a breath of fresh air. when i looked up, i noticed a large, bright goldish light that appeared to be glistening brightly. immediately, of course, my brain went to “it’s a meteor, i’m about to die” mode, so i rushed into my room and grabbed my binoculars. i tried looking at it, but it was so bright that i really couldn’t make sense of it. i thought it might be helpful to take a photo, so i rushed to get my phone. when i came back, the spot was now much more dim than before, but still bright, and after a few seconds, it began moving south in a straight line over what appeared to be a second, hovering light in the sky that i had not noticed before. i was pretty terrified at this point, not gonna lie. i think i may have looked down to try and get a video, but when i looked out the window again, the first light was gone and it seemed the second, lower one was now heading furher west, away from me. it’s been about an hour since i saw, whatever i saw, and i’ve been feeling really *off*. my head is pounding, and something isn’t setting right in my gut. i’m also hearing some peculiar beeps and hums that seem to be coming from nowhere, but i would sooner blame the paranoia and stress of the situation on that aspect. i want to add in here that i’ve never seen anything like this before, although i am an avid purveyor of extra-normal phenomena. i would be really interested to know if anyone else reported something strange in this area, or if anyone has a reasonable explaination for what i experienced.

Headline #9: UFO Sighting in Sugar Hill, Georgia on 1985-06-15 08:00:00 – Conversed with and was told what to look for to confirm that not all of my memory was “wiped.”

Synopsis: The begining of what i remember was that i was talking to what appeared to me to be a blond haired woman, typical earth type woman. i was begging her not to erase all my memory of what had just happened, and she took me aside and told me that she was not supposed to allow me to remember anything, but would allow me to remember one thing, that when i woke up, i was to run outside and i would see something specific that was not a usual occurance on earth. i woke up, thought it had to be a dream, but on a whim i went outside and looked up, and saw exactly what i had been told i would see. i haven’t wanted to say anything to anyone for all these years because of fear of being thought insane or something. while i still have a clear memory of the event, i wanted to share it in case it might be of any help, or do any good. of the entire experience, all i remember is being told my memory would be wiped out entirely of all i had experienced, begging for the opportunity to at least remember something , being told what to look for, waking up in my bed, going outside and seeing exactly what i was told i would see. i can’t help but believe that it was a real experience, but wish i had been allowed to remember more…Like who the heck were they? why was i selected for whatever it was that i was selected for? is that going to be the only time in my life that i will have such an experience…So far it has been. at least, the only time i have been allowed to remember anything if it wasn’t the only time.

Headline #10: Astronaut Who Discovered Treasure Up In Space Managed To Keep It Secret For Almost 50 Years

Synopsis: Even before the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union turned into a full sprint, space exploration was providing us with loads of new information about the universe. The smartest minds in science scrutinized and analyzed every single discovery, big and small. Yet there was one astronaut who discovered something so massive, he didn’t want to share it.

While on a mission sponsored by NASA, astronaut Gordon Cooper was tasked with gathering valuable insight into the workings of our universe. Only, while orbiting the planet, he observed something on Earth’s surface—something that he would keep a secret for nearly five decades. Recently, however, that secret was exposed for all the world to see…

When Gordon Cooper of Oklahoma was about seven years old, he did something most people will never do in a lifetime. His dad, an Army colonel, had allowed him to ride along in his airplane—and briefly let the young boy man the controls. This simple act would spark Cooper’s lifelong fascination with flying.

Before he turned 32, Cooper had served in the Marines, the Air Force, and as a test pilot on Edwards Air Force Base, where he suggested industry-changing improvements to the F-106B Delta Dart jet fighter. Then, he received an unbelievable offer.

It was 1959 when NASA invited Cooper to Washington, D.C. as a potential candidate for the Mercury Project. The project sought to put a man into Earth’s orbit and then return him safely, and Cooper was an ideal candidate.

After placing him on a shortlist of 109 potential candidates, NASA selected Cooper as one of seven men for the program. In May 1963, he conducted his first mission aboard the Faith 7, a craft so small it could only fit someone under five feet and 11 inches tall.

The instructions NASA gave the enthusiastic Oklahoman were simple: go into space solo, survive, and study zero gravity’s prolonged effects on the human body. The automatic spacecraft would pilot itself. At least, this was the mission as far as the public was concerned…

The mission started out a rousing success. From May 15 to 16, for just about 34 hours, Cooper orbited Earth, becoming the first astronaut to sleep in space. But then, in the midst of this enormous accomplishment, disaster nearly struck…

As the Faith 7 returned to Earth, the automatic piloting system malfunctioned. Experienced flier that he was, Cooper didn’t panic. Instead, he grabbed the controls and maneuvered the spacecraft into a perfect landing on a waiting aircraft carrier. His mission was complete… or was it?

Though the public didn’t know it at the time, Cooper’s mission also involved taking pictures. “Man, all I do is take pictures, pictures, pictures,” he said in a message to ground control. “I’m up to 5,245 now.” But he wasn’t just looking for eye-catching images…

Cooper’s camera was actually equipped to detect magnetic aberrations along the Earth’s surface. This allowed him to secretly look for Soviet nuclear bases or submarines off the coast of the United States—and, boy, did he uncover some eye-opening stuff.

In the process of searching for secret nuclear bases, Cooper also detected hundreds of anomalies near the Caribbean, which he carefully charted in his small Faith 7spacecraft. These aberrations, he noticed, weren’t big enough to be nuclear sites—not by a long shot. So, what were they?

Cooper wasn’t sure what he’d spotted from space, but he had a few ideas—and they required further research. For an unknown reason, he never told NASA or the Department of Defense about these strange anomalies. He decided to embark on his own personal mission…

Once safely back on Earth, Cooper started investigating his findings. The anomalies he saw all seemed bunched around old trading routes that had been highly trafficked by Spanish ships. Surely this was more than a coincidence…

Cooper quickly made the connection from the shipping routes to possible shipwrecks, and he researched everything he could regarding centuries-old shipwrecks. Eventually, he felt confident that he had, in fact, charted some of them from space! What did this all mean?

The world would have to wait to find out. He had a long and successful career—including a mission on the Gemini 5, during which he spent 190 hours in space. Still, Cooper never had the time to truly explore his findings. Then, as he grew older, time started running out…

Afflicted with Parkinson’s and nearing the end of his days, Cooper didn’t want his secret discovery to be for naught, so he phoned his friend, Darrell Miklos (right). An explorer who had experience hunting for rocket ship debris, Miklos would be able to investigate on Cooper’s behalf.

Cooper passed away in 2004, but by then his map was safely in his friend’s possession. At long last, it was time for Miklos to investigate what Gordon Cooper had seen from space all of those decades ago. Was there any truth to it?

“I believed Gordon 100 percent,” Miklos told Parade magazine. “I didn’t need proof.” Neither did the Discovery Channel, which, along with Miklos, created Cooper’s Treasure, a 2017 TV show that documented the investigation.

So, what did they find? On one journey, Miklos and his crew traveled to a spot on Cooper’s map looking for evidence of a shipwreck. With the help of deep-sea diving gear, they surveyed the ocean’s floor, hoping for a sign…

Sure enough, the crew uncovered a massive anchor! They hauled it to their deck, and soon after they realized that it was from the era of Christopher Columbus. This made it an extremely valuable artifact from the past!

By mid-2017, Miklos and his crew had searched five spots on Cooper’s map, and at all five, they found evidence of a shipwreck. With hundreds more points left to explore, what other treasures might be waiting for Miklos to uncover?

Regardless of whether Miklos would be able to spend the next few decades searching for his friend’s discoveries remains to be seen. Still, you know that Gordon Cooper—the Oklahoma boy who reached the stars—would be happy to see his secret finally paid off!

Gordon Cooper may have been a lifelong teller of tall tales, but it looked like his shipwreck map really panned out. What an incredible discovery!

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