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UFO Headline News Tuesday March 13th, 2018

14 March 2018 Podcast UFO Headline News

Here is the UFO Headline News for Tuesday March 13th, 2018

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Headline #1: UFO Sighting in Maitland, Florida on 2018-03-06 00:00:00 – I was walking my dog, when i looked up randomly in the sky. i started to see an orange glow that seemed to be cylinder in shape it brightened, and then it lost its glow and became a small looking tiny orange star.

Synopsis: I was walking my dog when i randomly looked up to the sky. i saw an orange glow. this orange glow got bigger and moved in an outward cylinder shape. i thought the object was probably a helicopter. but i quickly noticed and it gave off a ” burst of light” or aura of light ,that kept getting bigger. it then became smaller after a moment. it faded away to the size of a star.The star looking object was orange. i would have stayed longer to look at it, but my dog had to be taken inside from her walk. afterwards, i believe that i saw a helicopter around, and or an airplane around as well. when i first started to observe it, i thought it looked different from a helicopter. my feelings were ones of awe and amazement. i just observed it to see what it was doing. i was not scared or afraid. however it was so far away, so i don’t think i could have been that afraid of it. after seeing it, i felt glad that i had seen something very extraordinary. i’m convinced i may have seen a ufo. i felt very serene actually, but it was very nice weather out. not too hot with a nice breeze. it was a little chilly outside, but not much.

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Negaunee, Michigan on 2016-07-09 23:00:00 – Observed light color of very old lampshade, brownish, in color, in a high orbit heading west, brilliant orb came shooting from the aforementioned object

Synopsis:[submitted by letter to il sd; sam maranto] “ufo sighting” “for your review; i have thought about sending this experience to you for the past couple of years. for some, still unknown reason, perhaps not to be looked upon as another fool, making up a fantasy, and stating it as fact, could be one reason. i have told my experience to family member’s, only to be looked up as aforementioned. i have, from a child, been a sky watcher, and have seen many things i was/am not able to understand. what i shall present to you, shall be the highlight of these many years. i am 72 years of age. it is july 9th, 2016, a very warm evening, in the city of negaunee, michigan, i, and thousands of other’s, are about to watch the ‘july 4th’ fireworks. the fireworks in negaunee, are always held the weekend after the regular celebration of the 4th of july over teal lake, within the city limits of negaunee. it was a kind of partly cloudy sky this night, with a full moon to complement the sky. there would also be a strange cloud that looked more like a flat hurricane, huge in size, which i could not help but to take of a picture of, and the moon as well. it would be around 10ish, when with anticipation from the thousands of waiting watcher’s the fireworks began. over the next hour, perhaps more, we were all awed with the many flares of celebration of our nation’s independence. it was sad when all this celebration came to an end, with hands clapping, whistle’s sounding, and people beginning to part from this wonderful experience. it is here that my unknown experience would come to be. i, and hundreds of other’s, are facing almost directly west, perhaps somewhat south west. i say this in correlation to where we watched the sun sent this evening. as the crowd around me packed up their chairs & other paraphernalia, turned away from the lake, would be east, i took the opportunity stay put, looking over the lake, more specifically into the beautiful star like sky. though the clouds, which were sparse, were still taking flight, i was able to pick out the light of a satellite, which i look for on many nights i look to the heavens. this evening would be different. as i followed the flight of the satellite, which was heading west, i noted as the satellite became less interesting, there was this other light that caught my eye (which gives me goose bumps as i write) that seemed out of place. the rest of the universe appeared to have the same shade of color, but this one did not. it was the color of a very old lampshade, brownish in color if you will. this object in my opinion appeared to moving west, in a similar route as the satellite, but in a ‘much higher orbit’. in my humble opinion, beyond what we consider normal. i continued to watch this object of uncertain as to what it was. unlike anything i have ever witnessed, but hear of stories of, this brilliant (orb) came shooting from the aforementioned object. in less than a second, it came to a stop, perhaps just at the outer reaches of our atmosphere (guessing). it would remain in this position for a few seconds, then it headed (my notes) west for some distance, then just like that it headed east of north, then headed directly north over the tree tops toward what eventually would be canada. then it was gone, ascending to the heavens, and the place of its origins, where i could still make out the lampshade colored object, then it to was gone. so my fellow lover’s of the unknown, you have read my circumstance, which i have not been able to share with other believers, there is something alien about our universe. perhaps once in my lifetime, i have been witness to this alien possibility. the imprint on my mind shall last for whatever years i have left on this, our beautiful earth. thank you so much for taking your time to read my story. george


Headline #3: UFO Sighting in Long Beach, California on 2017-03-10 17:40:00 – We were my wife and i in the park and we looked at the sky and there were the objects

Synopsis:My wife and i went for a bike ride to the park in the golden east reginal park and stopped for a while on the grass. after a while we turned to the sky and there were the objects. i took my camera and started recording. at the beginning you see how one object passes under the other that appear to be two spheres together red color but in a while it changes color and the two appear white. we did not realize when i changed color and changed to just being a white sphere side by side.

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Florida on 2018-03-03 22:00:00 – 3 pulsating lights slowly changing shape

Synopsis: Observing from pasco florida again, stargating again while joking about the ufo’s we’d seen a couple of weeks ago. then it happened again! this time just off the horizon, i saw what looked like 3 stars slowly pulsating lights. they seemed to grow dimmer over the period of about 15 minutes until finally we couldn’t keep track of them anymore. i tried to take pictures but they didn’t turn out too well, i did take a video though which turned out much better.

Headline #5: Alien Encounter in Virginia Beach, Virginia on 2018-03-05 03:00:00 – I have a deep cut on my lower right leg.

Synopsis:I have a cut on my lower right leg (calf). i have a triangle shape with circles on my left leg. i will enclose the photo evidence.

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in LA / San Fernando Valley, California on 1979-07-15 00:00:00 – Saw large aerial craft hovering dead center over intersection of topanga cyn rd & roscoe in san fernando valley.

Synopsis:In the summer of 1979, around the age of 16-17, i was driving my vw bug at night with 3 other girlfriends, on our way from woodland hills to chatsworth when we encountered an unidentifiable air craft. we were heading inland on topanga canyon blvd when we approached a red light at the intersection of topanga canyon blvd and roscoe. all four of us saw a very large craft hovering directly above the center of the intersection, just above the street lights and power lines. the object was much, much larger than a helicopter and it seemed like it was large, deep and possibly rectangular in shape. it was matte black in color and i don’t recall the bottom having lights, but the bottom was also matte black with an angular, industrial looking pattern to it. i don’t recall clearly, seeing it arrive in the intersection, and what i do remember is that all 4 of us saw it, talked about it wondering what it was, and being perplexed as to how it was just able to sit above the intersection without make any noise at all. because we were in a vw bug, we thought our vision of the entire craft was being limited by the small windows, so we rolled down the windows expecting to feel some sort of wind, but the air was dead still. no wind, no noise and it looked huge like something we’d never seen before. this is where my memory stops. i cannot recall what happened next. i don’t know who was in the car with me, i don’t know how the craft arrived or left, i don’t know what we did or where we went afterwards. i don’t even remember talking to anyone, not even my parents, about it for decades after that night. i never lost the memory of what i’ve described, but i have no recall of everything else just before and after for several days. in conversation with a friend, decades later in my 40’s, the topic of ufo’s came up, and i felt compelled to tell him my story. it was the first time i spoke of it since it happened. i do know that i always remembered the event, but it was as though it had been given a priority level setting of zero in my memories for all those years, until that day i had the conversation with my friend. then it felt important enough to tell my experience and start thinking about it again.

Headline #7: UFO Sighting in New York on 2018-03-05 17:43:00 – I was taking pictures from my livingroom window when a light appeared near the sunset in front of a cloud and rapidly moved southwest and hovered over an airplane it seem to turn around to follow the airplane and within a blink of an eye it disappeared.

Synopsis:I was taking pictures from my livingroom window when a light appeared near the sunset in front of a cloud and rapidly moved southwest and hovered over an airplane it seem to turn around to follow the airplane and within a blink of an eye it disappeared.

Headline #8: UFO Sighting in Running Springs, California on 2017-03-27 00:00:00 – Saw torpedo like object in sky while zooming in on a photo i took.

Synopsis:I was driving up the san bernardino mountains on route 18 in southern california and i stopped to take this picture. i didn’t actually notice the object in the picture until i was getting ready to do some editing of the picture. i zoomed in on the photo and noticed the white cylinder looking object in the picture. i noticed that it had no wings or lights of any kind. i have no idea if it’s just a spot on the camera or some other effect. i was going to edit the photo some time after i took the picture so i didn’t notice it at first and i wasn’t even looking for it when i shot the picture. as i zoomed in on the picture, i noticed the object. i also noticed that it didn’t appear to be moving at all. i have been wondering what the object is and this is the first time reporting it to anyone. i didn’t take it to any experts on image analysis. basically, i am curious what it is and i actually don’t know where to take it to get it analised. as i zoomed in on it, it became more pixelated. the main photo i’m sending has a circle around the object and i’m sending all of the photos i took that day.

Headline #9: 

The military keeps encountering UFOs. Why doesn’t the Pentagon care?

We have no idea what’s behind these weird incidents because we’re not investigating.

Synopsis: In December, the Defense Department declassified two videos documenting encounters between U.S. Navy F-18 fighters and unidentified aircraft. The first video captures multiple pilots observing and discussing a strange, hovering, egg-shaped craft, apparently one of a “fleet” of such objects, according to cockpit audio. The second shows a similar incident involving an F-18 attached to the USS Nimitz carrier battle group in 2004.

The videos, along with observations by pilots and radar operators, appear to provide evidence of the existence of aircraft far superior to anything possessed by the United States or its allies. Defense Department officials who analyze the relevant intelligence confirm more than a dozen such incidents off the East Coast alone since 2015. In another recent case, the Air Force launched F-15 fighters last October in a failed attempt to intercept an unidentified high-speed aircraft looping over the Pacific Northwest .

A third declassified video, released by To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science , a privately owned media and scientific research company to which I’m an adviser, reveals a previously undisclosed Navy encounter that occurred off the East Coast in 2015.

Is it possible that America has been technologically leap-frogged by Russia or China? Or, as many people wondered after the videos were first published by the New York Times in December, might they be evidence of some alien civilization?


Unfortunately, we have no idea, because we aren’t even seeking answers.

I served as deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence for the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations and as staff director for the Senate Intelligence Committee, and I know from numerous discussions with Pentagon officials over the past two years that military departments and agencies treat such incidents as isolated events rather than as part of a pattern requiring serious attention and investigation. A colleague of mine at To the Stars Academy, Luis Elizondo, used to run a Pentagon intelligence program that examined evidence of “anomalous” aircraft, but he resigned last fall to protest government inattention to the growing body of empirical data.

Meanwhile, reports from different services and agencies remain largely ignored and unevaluated inside their respective bureaucratic stovepipes. There is no Pentagon process for synthesizing all the observations the military is making. The current approach is equivalent to having the Army conduct a submarine search without the Navy. It is also reminiscent of the counterterrorism efforts of the CIA and the FBI before Sept. 11, 2001, when each had information on the hijackers that they kept to themselves. In this instance, the truth may ultimately prove benign, but why leave it to chance?

(A Pentagon spokesman did not respond to requests from The Washington Post for comment, but in December, the military confirmed the existence of a program to investigate UFOs and said it had stopped funding the research in 2012.)

The military personnel who are encountering these phenomena tell remarkable stories. In one example, over the course of two weeks in November 2004, the USS Princeton, a guided-missile cruiser operating advanced naval radar, repeatedly detected unidentified aircraft operating in and around the Nimitz carrier battle group, which it was guarding off the coast of San Diego. In some cases, according to incident reports and interviews with military personnel, these vehicles descended from altitudes higher than 60,000 feet at supersonic speeds, only to suddenly stop and hover as low as 50 feet above the ocean. The United States possesses nothing capable of such feats.

On at least two occasions, F-18 fighters were guided to intercept these vehicles and were able to verify their location, appearance and performance. Notably, these encounters occurred in broad daylight and were independently monitored by radars aboard multiple ships and aircraft. According to naval aviators I have spoken with at length, the vehicles were roughly 45 feet long and white. Yet these mysterious aircraft easily sped away from and outmaneuvered America’s front-line fighters without a discernible means of propulsion.


From my work with To the Stars Academy, which seeks to raise private funds to investigate incidents like the 2004 Nimitz encounter, I know they continue to occur, because we are being approached by military personnel who are concerned about national security and frustrated by how the Defense Department is handling such reports. I am also familiar with the evidence as a former Pentagon intelligence official and a consultant who began researching the issue after the Nimitz incident was brought to my attention. On several occasions, I have met with senior Pentagon officials, and at least one followed up and obtained briefings confirming incidents such as the Nimitz case. But nobody wants to be “the alien guy” in the national security bureaucracy; nobody wants to be ridiculed or sidelined for drawing attention to the issue. This is true up and down the chain of command, and it is a serious and recurring impediment to progress. 


If the origin of these aircraft is a mystery, so is the paralysis of the U.S. government in the face of such evidence. Sixty years ago, when the Soviet Union put the first manmade satellite in orbit, Americans recoiled at the idea of being technologically surpassed by a dangerous rival, and the furor over Sputnik ultimately produced the space race. Americans responded vigorously, and a little more than a decade later, Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. If these craft mean that Russia, China or some other nation is concealing an astonishing technological breakthrough to quietly extend its lead, surely we should respond as we did then. Perhaps Russian President Vladi­mir Putin’s recent chest-thumping claims about propulsion breakthroughs are not pure braggadocio. Or, if these craft really aren’t from Earth, then the need to figure out what they are is even more urgent.

Lately, media coverage of the issue of unidentified aerial vehicles has focused on an expired $22 million congressional earmark for Bigelow Aerospace, a contractor with ties to former Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid (Nev.). The money mostly funded research and analysis by that contractor, without participation from the Air Force, NORAD or other key military organizations. The real issue, though, is not a long-gone earmark, helpful though it may have been, but numerous recent incidents involving the military and violations of U.S. airspace. It is time to set aside taboos regarding “UFOs” and instead listen to our pilots and radar operators.

Within a roughly $50 billion annual intelligence budget, money is not the issue. Existing funds would easily cover what’s needed to look into the incidents. What we lack above all is recognition that this issue warrants a serious collection and analysis effort. To make headway, the task needs to be assigned to an official with the clout to compel collaboration among disparate and often quarrelsome national security bureaucracies. A truly serious effort would involve, among other things, analysts able to review infrared satellite data, NORAD radar databases, and signals and human intelligence reporting. Congress should require an all-source study by the secretary of defense while promoting research into new forms of propulsion that might explain how these vehicles achieve such extraordinary power and maneuverability.

s with Sputnik, the national security implications of these incidents are concerning — but the scientific opportunities are thrilling. Who knows what perils we may avoid or opportunities we might identify if we follow the data? We cannot afford to avert our eyes, given the risk of strategic surprise. The future belongs to not only the physically brave but also the intellectually agile.

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