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UFO Headline News Tuesday March 20th, 2018

21 March 2018 Podcast UFO Headline News

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Headline #1: UFO Sighting in Kentwood, Michigan on 2018-03-04 22:45:00 – Ufo hovered above dentist’s office, moved north slowly until rocketing straight up into the sky, disappearing completely.

Synopsis: I was walking home from work when i looked to the horizon and above the horizon, about 4 degrees, i saw an unmoving, hovering light. i could discern no shape and make out no features, as i believe it is too far away. when i got to the top of the hill of the street where i live, the ufo had shifted to about 6 degrees above the house that lies at the end of my street. halfway down the street to my house, the light shifted south extremely fast, only to seemingly dash straight up, disappearing into the atmosphere seemingly straight up.

Headline #2: UFO Sighting in Grand Falls, New Brunswick on 1974-07-31 23:30:00 – Saw in the corner of my eyes. stopped car & watched fro 5 min. it then took off.

Synopsis:This was many years ago when i was 18 yrs old around 1974 in late summer. i was going home from taking my girlfriend home around 11:30 pm. it was a beautiful clear night. i saw it in the corner of my eye as i was driving on this country road. i pulled over and watched it for around 5 min. it was hovering just above the tree line. it seemed like it was only a hundred, maybe 200 yards away. it was disc shaped 30-50 ft across with flashing lights on the bottom side. it made absolutely no noise and was so close to the trees i knew a chopper would have made the trees shake all over. and then suddenly it took off like a bullet from a gun. it was then that i knew what it was. it was the coolest thing i have ever seen. i was so excited that i actually saw a ufo. i hurried home to tell my parents but they were either skeptical or just not interested.

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in Dahlonega, Georgia on 2018-03-04 20:06:00 – outline of dim lights in narrow arrowhead shape.

Synopsis:1)husband and i were sitting in our outdoor hot tub in dahlonega ga. time was approx. 8:05 or 8:06pm. clear skies. temperature approximately 50 degrees. 4-3-2018 we are situated approximately 1800 feet in elevation. 2)noticed the movement of light. we watch for satellites and falling stars on a nightly basis. 3)thought it was a falling star, but as i continued to watch it i saw multiple lights in a distinct v shape moving in a straight line. 4)i saw 7-10 dim lights moving in a n-nw straight line direction. the lights were shaped in formation as if they outlined a narrow arrow head. speed was as fast or a bit faster than a plane. 5)i was watching intently as the light moved but then noticed that there were several lights.As the object stayed unchanged in my sightline i was sure it wasn’t anything i had seen before. the lights were dim but the formation of the lights made it apparent. the lights did not change intensity even as they disappeared behind the trees. there was no noise that could be distinguished. 6) the lights remained in formation as they went behind the tree line and out of sight.

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Charlotte, North Carolina on 2018-03-04 17:29:00 – Very very confusing- i felt completely dazed the whole time

Synopsis:I was driving toward charlotte. at first i just thought i saw a couple of airplanes that i had taken off from the airport. but then, i quickly realize that they were not airplanes. i saw the airplanes that were coming or going from the airport and they were very very clearly airplanes. when i started focus in on what i was seeing, i could tell that whatever they were were almost ovular shaped, but look as if they came to points on either end. they were silver and white, very very bright and reflective, and almost looked as if they were shimmering. they were also leaving a very bright and vivid shimmering trail behind them. what made me pay attention to them immediately was the way they were moving in the sky airplanes do not move that way. they were weaving in and out of each other but it was strange because they seemed like they were so far away from each other but they were met almost making infinity signs in the way they were weaving around one another as i kept driving forward i realize that there were many more of them in the sky than i thought i was only looking to the left and i counted seven. when i started looking around me even more i noticed that there were what seem to be military aircraft along the outer edge of the area that i was in almost as if they were kind of in a circle around the area that i was in and that i was seeing the ufos. at one point if you have the ufos circled around two of the military style aircrafts and then started circling back around one another. as i was looking at the sky and all, all of a sudden they blipped out of sight. it was like i blinked and they were gone. i drove a couple more feet to the next light , and then looked up again and they were in the sky wants more except they were all in a line no longer zigzagging or crisscrossing around each other and circular motions but they were in a straight line all going up. i blink again and they were gone. the whole time the experience was happening i just felt very very confused. my brain literally couldn’t make sense of what was going on, and i felt very foggy. as soon as they were gone for good out of my sight i was left feeling overwhelmingly shocked.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Tracy, California on 2018-03-04 11:07:00 – Saw a bright white reflective object at very high altitude moving across the sky

Synopsis: My wife and i were walking our dog in the park. nice day, scattered clouds and mostly sunny. an object caught my eye near a large cloud formation because it was moving very fast. i pointed it out to my wife who also saw it. it seemed to be at an extremely high altitude and we wondered if it could be a satellite. i took out my i-phone and snapped a few photos. realizing that they were only showing what looked like a tiny spec of light, i zoomed in as far as i could and took a series of photos. the object covered a very large distance in a very short time, and traveled in a straight line. it appeared to be changing shape too. my wife noted that it appeared to be separating into two parts at one point (photo 3322). a lot of the time, i could make out a faint “x” inside of the circle which when i examined the photos later on my computers larger screen was very visible when enlarged. while we watched it appeared to change into several different shapes, although because of the distance it was hard to see with much detail. when i reviewed the 40 separate photos i found there to be several distinct shapes; a perfect square, a 6 point star, a circle with an ‘x’ dividing it into 4 distinct and equal segments, an inverted upside down ‘l’, an odd geometric shape with 3 protuberances, and some other more abstract shapes as well. at one point a commercial airliner passed nearby and it looked like it was very close in altitude by comparison. within a few minutes, i could no longer get a good picture as it was too far away. it started directly overhead at my (approximately) high noon location became too far away to see well in my (approximately) 3 o’clock position. the whole thing lasted only 5 minutes.

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Hammond, Indiana on 2018-03-04 17:35:00 – Looks like a drone made out of a cloud

Synopsis: My girlfriend was driving while i was looking at the sunset. there was a few clouds in the sky when i noticed that a cloud was,separating itself from the others. then i noticed that while the clouds were long and horizontal, this one was vertical with points at each end. i then saw it move away from the clouds like it was being guided. i took a picture and when i looked at the picture on my phone is could see that this object had structure to it. i saved the picture hoping to send it to someone who could let me know if i’m crazy or is this something other than a cloud?

Headline #7: UFO Sighting in Northglenn, Colorado on 2018-03-04 14:25:00 – Saw an airplane, then noticed while circular craft traveling sw faster than an airplane. travels mayb e 50 miles in 30 nseconds. then seemed to stop and descended to the right of it original staight path, disappeared into a small cloud never exited.

Synopsis: I was sitting outside facing south, in northglenn co. about 2:25pm. i was watching a plane headed east when i spotted a white circular object moving sw even faster than the airplane. it was roughly about 18000 ft up. traveling in a straight line. it traveled about halfway to the horizon and appeared to be above some low hanging clouds, with blue skies all around the cloud. that’s when the craft seemed to turn a bit to the west and descended into the cloud. as it changed direction, i could see a silver/grey circle with a ring of white light around the outside, just before it went in the cloud. then it was gone. didn’t exit from the cloud. i’m positive it was no aircraft. what it was? well a ufo is all i can figure.

Headline #8:UFO Sighting in Missoula, Montana on 2018-02-24 21:20:00 – Two obects came over the valley hovered dropped one silver looking fireball each and faded away

Synopsis: I was having a smoke and playing with the dog in the south facing back yard about 9:20pm on feb.24th when i looked to check the weather activity at that moment they came in from the east on sort of a converging path.The first one on the left never came more than an apparent few miles away from my position.It was similar to a medium bright star and was flickering, starting to dim then it pooped out this, i guess fire ball object that left a really long trail.Probably 80% the distance to the ground. it reminded me of the way an oil lamp burns in a calm room, a bit like how the flame looks almost too calm beneath a liquid ox rocket engine on liftoff. this flame was just as silver as you can imagine, very strange. while that was going on the second one was slowly receding and moving very slowly to the right. at that point i went in the house to find another witness. i wanted to stay and watch but i wanted be sure i wasn’t seeing things. while i was collecting my witness we could hear the dog go nuts outside. when i got outside again the dog was barking and running around like she thought something was going on all over the yard at once. related? i do not know. by now this huge light comes into view from behind the neighbors fur tree witness sees it and says “there it is.” and i thought that’s weird that’s to bright and red to be an airplane. but not wanting to be made a fool. i told witness, “no its bigger than what i saw”. witness walked away just in time to miss the show. this thing started to move toward me and to the left a little bit, stopped, hovered for a few moments reversed slowly, stopped brightens or sort of flares up and shoots out a fire ball just like the other. it faded completely away in about 3 seconds or so and it was over. this last one was interesting in that it was close enough that some detail (very little) could be seen. it was large, the size of a 737. a large amber ringed with red light and apparent structure horizontally connecting to another red light about a quarter of the size of the first “

Headline #9: UFO Sighting in Lander, Wyoming on 2017-07-20 14:10:00 – Cigar craft ufo in vicinity of oddly shaped cloud

Synopsis: I noticed a very interesting looking cloud bank. i was standing on a sidewalk in front of my girlfriends house. i had my iphone 6s plus so i decided to take some photos. i took several photos zoomed in and several normal photos. i took these photos in rapid succession. i put my phone away and went inside. i did not see this object or notice it at the time. i was looking through my photos several weeks later and only then realized there was a cigar shaped ufo in the very last picture of the series. having photos that were taken one second apart and it appears in only one photo is interesting to say the least. the very best part is when i was taking photos of this cloud bank i was thinking how it looked like a ufo disguised as a cloud. to me it appears as if this craft is docking with a mothership of sorts. i have shown several people and was not sure where to share this until now. thank you for any interest in this, i would greatly appreciate any feedback or comments.

Headline #10: UFO Sighting in Winnipeg, Manitoba on 2016-07-10 00:00:00 – Transparent sphere appeared in video of sky

Synopsis: I took a random video of a bird flying by in the sky. to my naked eye, there was only blue sky and a bird–nothing else. when i replayed the video, there was suddenly a transparent sphere that appeared and was slowly rotating. there were iridescent-colored ribbons of energy moving around it. the main color was a transparent white. there appears to be other phantom images of other spheres to the right of this sphere. i have no idea what this is, or if it is even a ufo at all. for several days during this month, i had been sending telepathic thoughts out to the higher realms to please come and appear on camera for me. so this was pretty exciting.

Headline #11: UFO Sighting in Manitoba on 2018-02-15 00:00:00 – Captured anomalies in photos of night sky

Synopsis: Was taking random photos of night sky. then found tiny specks of light in various photos from same night and same time. enlarged them until something appeared that was obviously not a plane or star. they must have been extremely far away. these 3 photos were all taken within 2 minutes of each other. none of these images were visible to the naked eye. and i can’t be sure if these objects are the same object, or 3 different ones.

Headline #12: UFO Sighting in Winnipeg, Manitoba on 2018-02-06 00:00:00 – Was taking video of what i thought was a distant star cluster with faint flickering lights.

Synopsis: Took a short video of what i thought was a small star cluster, straight up in the sky during early evening. when i checked the video, nothing showed up –just a black screen. but when checking the video on my computer, i noticed that there were some faint flickering colored lights. very hard to see on the video since it’s very far away. almost not there. you have to look very hard for some faint pulsating in the middle of the frame. so when capturing a screen shot, i noticed a v-shaped formation of multi-colored lights. since i’ve learned lately that there are supposedly millions of ships in our atmosphere, monitoring earth and humanity’s upcoming evolution (and other exciting changes) i’ve been randomly pointing my cell phone at the sky, and can usually find at least one interesting thing. if i capture screen shots whenever there is a “speck of dust” that appears in a video, and then zoom in on the photo, often the “speck of dust” is a far away craft. although, they can be difficult to catch. they move fast and blink out of locations. and they have technology to bend light and become invisible. but if you randomly point and shoot at the sky, and then analyze your video by zooming in on the computer, often you will see things that you could not with just your naked eye.

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