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UFO Headline News Wednesday March 21st, 2018

21 March 2018 Podcast UFO Headline News

Here is the UFO Headline News for  Wednesday March 21st, 2018

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Headline #1: UFO Sighting in Lansing, Michigan on 2018-02-26 20:05:00 – Saw a light that appeared near the horizon above the tree line, thought it was venus till i realized i was looking south and it moved

Synopsis:I was leaving my parents house to go home when i saw a bright light above the trees. at first i thought it was venus until i realized i was looking south and it started moving. the light was red-orange, which is why at first i thought it was light reflecting off the planet and through the atmosphere. it’s not the first time i’ve seen that. then it began moving across the sky towards the north, stopped and turned east for a bit, then turned back to the north again. when it turned back to the north, the light changed from red-orange to white. i sat in my parents driveway for a good 10-15 minutes before. i called my husband while watching and asked him to step out on the back porch to get a bit of triangulation. we live about a mile down the road from my parents so it’s narrowed down to a small area. he said it was a little north of our home, but i still saw it as being south of my parents home. i wasn’t scared or intimidated, just curious. my husband said that from his perspective it looked like it was just one blinking light. as it traveled further north, passing over me till i was south of it, i did not see any flashing or blinking. i saw no other objects in the sky at the time. i thought that maybe it was an airplane coming in to land at the local airport, but it was much too high for a lansing landing. i also thought for a moment that it may have been the iss, but when i got home i looked up the iss’s location online for the last hour or two and it was well below the equator. it is entirely possible that it was a puddle jumper going to land somewhere further north of lansing, but it had no wing lights that either my husband or i saw. i lost sight of the object when it went north enough that i couldn’t see it through the tree line anymore. it did not appear to land or make any more directional changes.

Headline #2: Black Triangle Sighting in State College, Pennsylvania on 2018-02-27 20:30:00 – Transparent triangle traveling across sky southwest to northwest. truly remarkable and like nothing ever seen.

Synopsis:1- i was in my front yard with my friend. we were observing the sky with my telescope. the conditions were clear. 2- since we were stargazing, i was already looking at the sky. i suddenly noticed what looked like cgi graphics floating through the sky. a moving transparency. 3- i thought it was otherworldly, immediately. i instinctively grabbed my friend, exclaimed, “holy shit look at that! what the fuck is that!?” as i turned him and pointed it out. 4- the object steadily flew across the sky— sw to nw. it maintained its transparent appearance and flew steadily until too far to track/ see. 5-i’ve been unable to think of any worldly explanation. it continues to mystify and excite me. i truly feel i’ve observed something other worldly and very real. 6- it got too far away to track/see.

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in Droitwich, on 2018-02-28 06:00:00 – Weird lights moving rapidly through the clouds whilst changing direction.

Synopsis:Walking the dog at 6am in droitwich spa when i noticed lights shining through the heavy cloud cover. at first i thought it was the northern light but think i live way to south for that plus these were more like a spotlight rapidly moving and dancing from side to side. freeked me out a little so recorded them with my phone, have excellent footage. observed for a couple of mins but was already late for work so had to stop filming.

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Virginia on 2018-01-31 00:00:00 – Saw saucer in sky, several days later shocked by bright purplish pink light, then visit

Synopsis:3378one afternoon i caught sight of a typical flying saucer moving erratically in the sky above the tree line. i stood and watched it move up/down and side to side. then it ducked behind a cloud. several days later i was taking out my garbage at night but as soon as i opened the door i was overwhelmed by a bright purplish pink light. i closed the door fast and stayed inside because i didn’t know what it was. a couple nights later i saw on youtube that ufos flash bright pink lights. i didn’t think anything of it as i am a believer anyway and not particularly squeamish. also, at 70 i’m not afraid of their wanting to do weird experiments on me. several days after that i looked out my kitchen door and there i saw a skinny white being with huge almond shaped eyes about my height (5,4”). we were looking into each other’s eyes but my instinct was to turn away from it. i wasn’t afraid because it began to look like a hologram. his arm started to fade and i realized i could see right through it. i just calmly walked away from it. i wish i thought to record the dates and times but it never occurred to me to notify mufon. the last incident occurred at dusk. i also remember working at sears during the late 60s. it was a summer job when i was in college at a brand new store during dinner time when the store was pretty empty. i was bored and i remember seeing two men walk down the aisles with short haircuts, white shirts and slacks. they looked like jehova witnesses because no one my age dressed like that at that time and they appeared young. i noticed that they were looking around like they had never been in a store before. across the aisle was the lingerie department and they had a surprised look at that when they got closer. honestly, they looked like they belonged in the 50s. i turned away so as not to be rude. it felt like a couple of seconds but i was totally unnerved because when i turned back they were right beside me holding a card. i stammered the price and they said it was cheap and handed me the money. then they said what i was thinking. they were from another planet! i didn’t know anything about ufos and lost time then but i found that incident unnerving and obviously never forgot it as these people didn’t look like they were joking! i also remember going by a military installation with family in 70s and seeing cigar shape.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Pasadena, California on 2018-02-18 15:20:00 – Metalic like sphere size of an exercising ballon maybe 3ft on diameter

Synopsis:I was outside laundromat on the parking lot waiting for my laundry and i was sitted on my car facing north i noticed a gray metalic sphere passing by going on a straight light, no traces no sound were observed. object disapeared. it was traveling on one direction steady speed, i cannot calculate the speed but it was not going fast. flying kind of low.

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Envigado, Antioquia on 2018-02-04 21:00:00 – Just 3red lights moving to diferent ways towards a start

Synopsis:I was watching the sky, when my mother and i saw three red lights on sky . they were moving toward a star, in diferent direcctions; first up then toward, then looked like turned around and then they go up and dissapear. two lights were close , the other appear from the south and went to south west direction.

Headline #7: UFO Sighting in Sonoita, Arizona on 2018-02-19 06:19:00 – Light seen under cloud cover while camping.

Synopsis:My son and i were camping at parker lake sunday to monday. i was looking for a break in the cloud cover around 6am. spotted a light below clouds approx 3 miles south. moved to less than a mile very quickly. light pulsed from bright to dark in three phases. i took 3 photos before my phone would no longer take pictures. it had a grid on the screen that i have not ever seen before. i tried to record video, did not work and would not photograph in any mode. after the light went dark for the last time phone functions went back to normal. my truck stalled three times when i started it around 10am to leave because the rain had not stopped. around ari i g home it stalled again and would not start. the fuel pump was affected, i removed it and ran a direct current to it and it started to work again. the object was due south and traveled 3 miles north in the ti e it took for me to turn and pick up my phone and turn back. i had hoped to use the camera to get an idea of what i was seeing. there is no way it was anything g in the sky, stars or planets due to the unbroken thick cloud cover. it had started to rain about 5:30 pm and did not stop. it was still raining when we left around 10am on monday morning. i tried to wake my seven year old son to see the object but he was fast asleep and would not wake up. there were no vehicles moving anywhere, no boats on the lake, no obvious lights of any kind that i could see. it is not possible that it was an aircraft, either fixed wing or helicopter due to the distance traveled in such a short amount of time. there was no sound and the object appeared to be south over the far bank of the lake and a little below the cloud cover. it wen from very bright to a mid brightness to almost dark. it continued this cycle for approximately 25-30 mi utes before going completely dark at which time my phone began to function normally again. i have 3 photos taken one after the other in less than one minute. i will attach them in order along with zoomed copies in order taken.


Headline #8:UFO Sighting in Richfield, Wisconsin on 2017-08-12 00:00:00 – Multiple orange orbs

Synopsis: i was driving home, going south on highway 41where the road joins up with highway 45 and as i looked to the east, right before the merging, i noticed these lights lined up vertically, possibly could’ve been a communication tower but the color orange was bugging me. i’m trying to steal glances as i’m driving. i found an area to observe, which took about 5 minutes, got out of the car and started the video. they are slowly, drifting different directions (not uniformly as balloons/lanterns might) at different rates, appearing, disappearing, pulsing; there was no audible sound and the area is primarily farm land. i had no alcohol in my system and completely sober. and was a trained observer and combat aircrewman on the p3 orion. this is my first sighting of something that i cannot explain. this location is near holy hill, richfield wi. which has long been rumored to have ufo activity

Headline #9: Man Who Claims His Apartment Is Haunted By A Dead Child

Synopsis: Whether or not you believe in supernatural beings, ghost stories have a way of captivating even the biggest of skeptics. Though most of these tales are outlandish, a special few are frighteningly believable. Such was the case for one New York cartoonist named Adam Ellis.

Adam recently took to Twitter to tell his followers about a haunting experience. At first, his friends weren’t sure if they believed him. But when he showed them the bone-chilling evidence, they were left stunned…

Everyone loves a good ghost story, whether it’s told while sitting around a campfire or during a middle school sleepover. Still, part of the fun includes the knowledge that it’s not real. Unfortunately for Adam Ellis, it was…

Most people will quickly brush off those who claim they’ve had encounters with supernatural beings. Ghosts and UFOs are simply just figments of your imagination, they’ll say. But Adam, who makes his living as a cartoonist in New York City, was not imagining things…


One day, Adam posted a strange photograph on Twitter. His cats had been gathering by the door around midnight. No one was in the hall, and Adam worried something else was drawing them to that spot. Was his apartment haunted? His followers were skeptical—until he produced proof…

Adam’s haunting tale began with a single tweet: “So, my apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child and he’s trying to kill me.” Over the course of four months—and 361 more tweets—his story would unfold in a convincingly terrifying fashion.


Adam, who often experienced sleep paralysis, began having strange dreams involving a disfigured boy. In another dream, he was approached by a girl at a library. “You’ve seen Dear David, haven’t you?” she’d asked. “He’s dead. He only appears at midnight, and you can ask him two questions if you [say] ‘Dear David’ first. Oh and he’d murder anyone who asked a third question.”

Adam was obviously horrified. A couple of weeks later, he saw the boy—”Dear David”—again in a dream. David sat in a green rocking chair in Adam’s room. Remembering the girl’s instructions, Adam asked about the boy’s death. David said that he was killed in a store after someone hit him over the head with a shelf.

Then, Adam asked who murdered him—the forbidden third question. David went silent, and Adam woke up in a panic. Was he going to die? He wasn’t sure. After that dream, weird stuff started happening, especially once he moved into the apartment upstairs. Adam’s cats began to stare and meow at the front door each night around midnight.


What had started as a series of dreams suddenly became very real as Adam heard random noises or saw objects moving. He documented everything on Twitter, and his followers asked what the boy looked like. The cartoonist drew this…

Adam eventually installed a security camera, which ended up capturing something strange—his cats seemed to be interacting with something inside the apartment. By now, his Twitter followers were captivated, and his audience grew with each eerie update…


Adam’s followers suggested a number of ways to ward off evil spirits–salt, burning sage—all to no avail. David continued to haunt his dreams, too. Even when Adam traveled to Japan on vacation, he felt Dear David following him. For instance, while out sightseeing, he saw a statue that looked eerily similar to the boy…

When he returned home, Adam took photographs of the front door. Even though the lights were on, the hallway always appeared darkened. He also noticed loud sounds coming from above his apartment—despite living on the top floor. He noticed a trap door on the ceiling above the stairwell, so he decided to investigate.

Adam purchased a long pole and attempted to push the door open. That was when something suddenly fell out from the hatch to the bottom of the stairs. When he walked over to it, it stopped him in his tracks—it was a child’s leather shoe.


Terrified, Adam asked his landlord to help. Armed with a tall ladder, the landlord opened the hatch and looked at the crawlspace above the stairs. He found nothing… except for this old marble. After that, things only became creepier for poor Adam.

Hoping to gather more evidence, Adam downloaded an app that would take a picture from his phone every minute. Then, he set it up facing his bed and went to sleep. The next day, he woke up with an uneasy feeling as he sifted through the hundreds of pictures the app had taken…

That was when he saw it: a little demonic boy, watching him while he slept. It was Dear David. Stunned, Adam continued to look through the pictures, wondering if any others would show the boy.

In another photo, the figure looked up to the ceiling. Then, just as quickly as he arrived, Dear David vanished, only to return moments later—this time looming over Adam on his bed!

But it was the last photo that really terrified Adam: Dear David’s head could be seen as it moved toward the camera. In response, Adam tweeted, “I’m at a loss for words. That malformed ear, that stringy hair. I didn’t even know what to think.”


Adam’s followers were floored by the story and the photos he captured. Yet, that night seemed to mark the ending of Dear David. He began tweeting less about him and he even claimed he hadn’t seen him since, although he still got “weird” feelings on occasion.

While many people have debated whether or not Adam’s story was true or simply an attempt to further his career as a cartoonist, the story continues to attract both believers and skeptics all over the globe…

Perhaps, we’ll never know the absolute truth about whether Dear David was real or simply the creation of a bored cartoonist, but that doesn’t make the photos and story itself any less haunting!

Who’s really to say whether Adam really saw Dear David or not? At the end of the day, his story is captivating, and when it comes to ghost stories, that’s really all you can ask for.

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