UFO & Paranormal Chat Log: August 20th, 2017

20 August 2017 UFO Paranormal Conspiracy Bigfoot Chat Log

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UFO Paranormal Chat August 20th, 2017 Discussion Thread:

08-20-2017 02:06:08
Black Rider

Kevin Cook? …haven’t we had enough of bigotry this week?

08-20-2017 12:13:44
Carole Carle

Hey Black Rider…guess not…. B-) :FL:
No clue…beats me!
?Sooo this tune was tromping through my brain…thought it was a non sequitor–till I reallly listened to the lyrics…
And so it is with a hopeful loving heart that I send this out to you, Kevin Cook…you did not have that extraordinary ordor of Sanctity experience by accident…
We are tryin’ here, my friend!
Oops…"Odor of Sanctity".

08-20-2017 07:00:36

Hi to any here I study Alien ideas and am interested in rational chat
I read many things and investigate Ancient Alien Theory
In theworld many think of "god" as ET that is entirely logical
If you want to exchange ideas please do
I am writing a work called "The Day The Gods Arrived"
Itis a thesis that suggests that what Hummanity calls God might flow from an ET visit
In all lands there are flk gathering information re ET and visitors from the stars
In many cultures "Star People"are part of history
What are Star People?
If there is a question please ask or share what You think
The Intergalactic Federation is a group of worlds that have been studying the Universe for thousands of years learning to relate to Life on many worlds Their aim is to awaken all Life to the natural Oneness that is the Creator and Endgame of all temporal things
Purpose Of Life; To Learn To Awaken To Love To Enjoy All Things
Walk In Love Harm No One
Now you can accept or not Farewell

08-20-2017 07:51:25


08-20-2017 08:46:05
JimBob Short


08-20-2017 08:46:14

howrya jimbob?

08-20-2017 08:46:18
JimBob Short

What’s up

08-20-2017 08:46:37

i think pang is alive 2night

08-20-2017 08:46:42
JimBob Short

Im just handing out here with my headphones on
I hope we get some live shows here. Starting to lose interest in the repeat shows
I don’t know if you were a listener when they had paradigm unhinged on live.
it was a great show

08-20-2017 08:49:53

i caught a good one with Ken interviewing Mauro Biglino was great, but center of light is almost always new

08-20-2017 08:49:58
JimBob Short

I’m sad that it had to go
I listen to Keith on podcast almost never live

08-20-2017 08:50:50

i just wish some more shows were west coast friendlier, maybe a little earlier?

08-20-2017 08:50:56
JimBob Short

once in a while I listen to alive show

08-20-2017 08:51:21

Keith is interviewing ME tomorrow!

08-20-2017 08:51:55
JimBob Short

Well a celebrity in our midst

08-20-2017 08:52:07

i KNOW huh!
i have a new book ready to come out

08-20-2017 08:52:37
JimBob Short

how’d that happen?

08-20-2017 08:53:10

is Cat on Computer?
types well!

08-20-2017 08:53:47
JimBob Short

at least near my keyboard

08-20-2017 08:54:04


08-20-2017 08:54:54
JimBob Short

she usually always accompanies me while I’m listening to a show

08-20-2017 08:56:21

at least you get your area dusted at the same time!

08-20-2017 08:56:29
JimBob Short

there she is rightsize up
She is quite the dustmop

08-20-2017 08:57:57

just watch the Static electricity, it’ll degauss your monitor! 😉

08-20-2017 08:58:38
JimBob Short

Getting close to time

08-20-2017 08:58:45

startin to wonder if we’re memorex?

08-20-2017 08:59:23
JimBob Short

I don’t see MJ ety
he would be here by now

08-20-2017 08:59:51

think so

08-20-2017 09:01:30
JimBob Short

Well it’s getting Hey QB

08-20-2017 09:02:12

prolong the vacation?

08-20-2017 09:02:38

Hello peeps 😀

08-20-2017 09:02:45
JimBob Short

Old inrto
Hello Quantumblast

08-20-2017 09:03:26

AHH Vell! …RIP Jim Marrs!

08-20-2017 09:03:51
JimBob Short

Yeah and Jerry Lewis

08-20-2017 09:04:30

cy’all i guess it’s exhibition Football 🙁

08-20-2017 09:04:53
JimBob Short

Okaylater man looking forward too your new book
I’m Gonna bail Quantum. Have a great night!

08-20-2017 09:51:55

Hi guys
Bummer I missed part of the show

08-20-2017 09:53:02

Hello Marilyn

08-20-2017 09:57:06

Hi I keep getting bumped off!
Hey Ken the ET description by Betty is very similar to our guy that saw ET at s meeting
Only difference is the sash on his uniform

08-20-2017 10:00:10
dj tion

hello from michigan!

08-20-2017 10:00:40

Hello dj

08-20-2017 10:00:42

Hi from Michigan
What happened? A different show?

08-20-2017 10:04:16

Yes looks like they switched

08-20-2017 10:04:30

They must have lost the Lucas’
I wonder if Betty sent to Schussler those drawings?

08-20-2017 10:06:51

Yes she siad she did

08-20-2017 10:07:26

Hmm now I wonder if he still has them?

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