5 Undeniable Evidence If Aliens Ever Come to Earth!

Alien Pics

Besides living side by side with subtle or invisible creatures, it turns out we also live side by side with aliens. Aliens or extraterrestrials are believed to live on other planets. Indeed their whereabouts are still confusing and questionable until now.

However, in fact, there is some concrete evidence that aliens have come to Earth. This kind of evidence will describe the existence of Alien, make you believe that they have indeed traveled on Earth!

1. The Roswell Incident


The incident that occurred in Mexico in 1947 shocked the world. However, the government tried hard to cover up this incident. In fact, the government did not hesitate to intimidate witnesses who saw the fall of the UFO to the Earth. These eyewitnesses dared to raise their voices.

In fact, the Roswell incident again warmed up in the 1980s. Major Jesse Marcel, who was a witness of the Roswell incident, also revealed the fact that what had fallen in 1947 was a flying saucer and not a weather balloon, as the government said. In fact, the bodies of the dead aliens were also autopsied by the government. Because of the rampant Roswell incident, this story was made into a television series, a novel book, until an alien museum was also built in Roswell.

2. Mysterious Pillars Off the Coast of Sicily

Tel Aviv University researchers found a giant pillar off the coast of Sicily. Although there is no official statement from scientists, Scott Waring (a UFO researcher) said that humans could not have made the pillar. Because at that time, humans did not yet have the ability to create such complex tools.

In fact, carving on a stone block that weighs 15 tons would be very difficult to do without gas or an electric engine. Researchers also believe that this mysterious pillar is 10,000 years old. Hmm, maybe not really, if this used to be an alien buffer on Earth?

3. Dropas Stones (10,000 BC)

Dropas Stone

This metal disk was discovered by archeologists and students on the China-Tebet border. In fact, this area is also believed to be the location of an alien crash. When they were exploring the Himalayas, they found a small grave that contained a strange human skeleton in it. Even more strange, no gravestone was found but instead a logan plate that resembled coin coins and had a spiral groove.

Dr Tsum Um drew the conclusion that the hieroglyphics tell a group of aliens called Dropas who came to Earth. They wanted to be friends with local residents but were killed because of their strange appearance.

4. 800-year-old cellphone

Archaeologists discovered this mysterious cellphone in Austria. The surprising age of this phone is around 800 years. However, the shape of this mobile phone resembles a Nokia 3310 phone that came out in the 90s. In addition to the exact arrangement of the keys, the place where there should be a screen is actually filled with foreign letters. Even the symbols on the keypad are believed to be an ancient Sumerian language that was used thousands of years ago. Hmmm, it seems that Alien already uses this tool as a communication tool, huh?

5. Vimanas (3000 BC)


In Sanskrit, Vimanas can mean many things, one of which is a machine that can fly. In fact, in a text that is 3000 BC, it is said that Vimanas can fly to Earth’s atmosphere. But because the inhabitants of the Earth still considered everything to be the work of the gods, they concluded that Vimanas was the vehicle of the gods. In fact, it could be that the Vimanas, which they consider to be the vehicle of the gods, are sightings of UFOs.

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