Vincent Genna

17 November 2016 App Feed NightVision Radio Podcast

A Unique Method to Receive, Restore, and Release Psychic Messages

Thursday, November 17th, 2016 at 10:30 pm EDT, join the resolute seeker of truth, René Barnett invites intuitive skilled psychic Vincent Genna to demonstrate how he tunes into clients’ souls, as well as to their angelic and spirit guides, and ascendant masters, deceased loved ones, and Source (God) to impart messages and guidance.


Vincent Genna | How to Receive, Restore, & Release Psychic Messages

The journey to a deeper understanding of self can be uplifting, but it can also be gut wrenching. It requires a gifted psychic and medium guide who is not only sensitive and compassionate, but also highly skilled in how the mind works and how to lead those in pain through—and out—of the darkness.

For Vincent, helping his clients process and use otherworldly messages is as important as divining those messages for them. To this end, Vincent pursued and added a set of key educational credentials to his skillset as a Psychic by earning a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work.

Vincent is also a practiced Hospice Clinical Social Worker, an experience that allowed him the privilege of helping more than 500 patients peacefully transition through their dying process, while comforting and supporting their families and friends.